Back To The Pack

New backpacks in from Mishka.

Everybody knows I love a good backpack along with loving NYC's Mishka.

But does this offering SINK or SWIM?



whateveryouwantittosay said...

It sinks. The backpack has got to go. Especially flat, empty ones. If you're hauling around a lot of shit like, oh, Idk- books, alright, otherwise, nah I'm not feelin the backpack exploitation. I think I'm cool off the cool combos too

laura said...

i wish my backpack was empty. shit gets heavy and there is only so much my small shoulders can take. life is tough but i carry on.

sometimes i feel like im carrying a small toddler on my back. big history books, a very large camera, a packed lunch and flask. damn.

Anonymous said...

i understand the whole having to carry bare tings around on your back. i'm also glad someone else still sees the sense in a packed luch.

a rucksack that has some sturdy straps, and lot's of pockets is an essential feature. and if you can combine form with function all the better.
those bags are swimmin'.

Unknown said...

My backpack is full of ish and for an Asian in London that's not a great look.

I'm off home to shave!

Luke GK said...

I like purple backpacks.

The emptier the better.

Ms. Understood said...

back packs generally swim. I like pick pockets to be able to access everything i love most without me raining on their 'and i think if i'm quick, i can get her charger too' parade.

however, this particular one isn't a patch on the 'Monstrosity' one, which i covet much in the way you would with your job, if you work in a bank in the city.

Anonymous said...

That whole backpack shit is lame. We did that shit back in the day and till this day I still don't know what backpackers carried in their bags.

These days, you can catch me with a tote or duffel bag.

I'm way too grown to be looking like a kid playing hookie from school.

Anonymous said...

i feel you illsun, my backpack is full of ish also. my beard and full backpack occasionally gets odd looks. more so when im lookin for something in there while sat on the tube

Anonymous said...

mr tote or a duffel bag, you didnt sound like a prick at all.

Anonymous said...

lol @ illsun

i carry a backpack, so i can carry a poncho, in case plods are about looking to arrest the first naked guy they see. cunts.

Anonymous said...

o dear anon thinks carrying a backpack is pre -school what about the little two year old rant they just posted?

Anon chances are with your nose firmly stuck up your own arse I'm sure we will NOT be 'seeing' you!