Award Season: MOBOS

VMAs are done, Mercurys done, MTV Awards around the corner so this week's it's the MOBOs

The launch was yesterday at Beach Blanket Babylon (yep I'm not making that name up) in Shoreditch. The event was the sort of standard affair with industry faces a plenty and some nice PAs. Ginger Kid assures me Giggs was in the place although I can't confirm this PeckNAM sighting as I had to leave early to watch more Wire Season 5 - Sheeeeeetttttttttt

So the nominations look pretty good - no real suprises, some nice underground nods: Bashy, Tinchy, Chipmunk all got a look in and the standard big names so the show could be a good one to watch come October 15th.

Full nominations here - let me know who is doing it for you...

My favourite part of the evening was a drawn out game of Mallet's Mallet featuring Jammer, the Mallet Man himself, Tim Westwood and Skepta. It was mindblowing - someone was filming it so as soon as it goes up I'll update the post.


Anonymous said...

mallets mallet with westwood...its a must see

Ginger Kid said...

giggs was there, with the black gang.

and i wish i could have left earlier...but seeing illsun made it all better.

justwondering?? said...

which timmy is older/a bigger twat?

Anonymous said...