Alton Towers anyone?

With an unexpected burst of sun this weekend and word of an "Indian Summer" on its way, It feels like the British thing to do to would have to be to visit one of our many death traps, sorry theme parks and go mad on stupid rides and eat shit loads over sized and overpriced sweets.

Who's up for starting a fight in Lego land or a cheeky shag on Mr Bubbles bubble works?

Just me?...okay then



illsun said...

sex in a theme park?

you, sir, are a wrongun

yeahisaidit said...

i'm on my last warning for that kind of thing

Anonymous said...


*William Adam said...

that pictures classic HAHAAHA

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

sex in a theme park

whats wrong with that? lol

as long as nobody sees u i say...

brazen said...

Mr Burps Bubble Works is awesome! I haven't been to Chessington for a long time.

Alton Towers when the queues are short is the best though.

Blackpool cannot be overlooked either. Classic trash.

NO-BIZZI said...



Low it

mushy peas? no thanks

yeahisaidit said...

^^^^^^loving the low-level regional racism.

ps. Where is Blackpool?

Ginger Kid said...

Thorpe Park. I churpsed so many girls there back in the day.

Good times.

yeahisaidit said...

thank you for using the word 'churpsed'.

NO-BIZZI said...


Ginger Kid said...

It's the best word since...






colinhu said...

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Amanda said...

Woah i haven't been on this blog in ages!

But lol at this picture! Classic.

Mr Burps Bubble works .... hardcore ride right there. i haven't been to chessington in forever!