Woon box

Toliet, shower and kitchen all in on one - Woon box is the Brainchild of Arthur Rottier and Peter Jongman, and is being called a house for ‘temporary stay.’ This magical piece provides the functions of residential shower, toilet and a kitchen in a neat and compact box-like structure.

Cook where you do number two?
Sink or Swim?



SPECKS said...


i dont want to end up looking like the woman in the pink dress.

Anonymous said...

she is hot give her a break dammit

yeahisaidit said...

i first thought that was one of the trading places pictures. That looks alot like the toilets at Sketch.

Please invite her to the next one.

Leese said...

ermmm... @ the risk of sounding dumb and lyk a bit of an airhead-I don't get it?

So what...are you supposed to push it long with you like a trolly? how wud u get it on the bus-even worse, down finsbury park station?

Nah...i don't think this will catch on not when u've got the mariott and the hilton, or even a tent that'll fit in a rucksack, with room for pots and matches


Ginger Kid said...

plain wrong.

the inventor should be publicly stoned.

do i need to say it........SINK!

Leese said...


hear hear

lil naked boi said...

i like it. it's good. i am naked though so you can't really take my opinion seriously.

NO-BIZZI said...

big up naked bwoy

Ginger Kid said...

dun' know the naked-boi space.

Mistry said...

ummmm...i dont know about you all but I dont clean myself or a take a S**t in the same place I cook my dinner - no matter how anti-bacterial flash wipes are - nice idea though....thanks!

Mistry said...

needless to say although I forgot to write it....SINK!