Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Vampire Weekend are one of my favourite band's right now, the New-York 'art-rock' scene has been backed heavily in 2008 by the likes of Radio1 and the NME, this particular band have enjoyed the fruits of the heavy-press coverage most of all. Mixing indie rock with pop, afro-beat, punk and R'n'B isn't easy but these guys pull it off. But anyway, you have heard their shit, and if you haven't go buy the album. Or rip it from limewire if you are a thieving jackal.

Here is the new video, its the PERFECT summer video.

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Ginger Kid


Pop Lock and Drop said...

The whole album is pure aural perfection, even if it does shove me outside of my normal musical comfort zone.
They should emigrate to scarborough so they can be nominated for the mercury music prize.

Ginger Kid said...


Scarborough murks New-York any day. I hear they are enxt in line for European city of culture. After Wolverhampton and Middlesborough.

And Yes, they are sick.

Dun' Know the tribe-space.


Anonymous said...

The ending of the video!


Nice find.

lil naked boi said...

Vampire Weekend are good although they will never top A-Punk, still good though, if you like them you should check out The Boggs, same scene, furthermore I'm naked.