Holy Blue Screen!! You may now lose your mind.

The Tron 2 trailer is here(well it was, until Disney went berserk and pulled it off every decent site. You can have the 3rd generation Russian bootleg!!)and Jeff Bridges has bought his beard back out of retirement for the mother of all virtual reality remakes. Here's the punchline: The actual movie won't be out for at least another 2.5 years

The trailer was revealed to the geeks at San Diego's Comic-Convention who naturally trickled in their pants and did more whooping and cheering than any advert about a film that's 3 years away deserves. The lucky nerds at ComCon also saw a director's cut trailer for Watchmen (as in director's cut- of an ad- for a film!!)

But here's the icing on the geekpie: there's also a 'Robocop Reboot' to be directed by Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For A Dream) on it's way.

Hollywood have obviously come to the realisation that instead of drawing up adventurous new scripts or taking million dollar risks and discarding formula, it's far easier to stick to remakes and the rehashing of comic books.

Bearing in mind that some amazing celluloid moments have been inspired by works of great literature i.e. War Of The Worlds, American Psycho, virtually anything by Stanley Kubrick, it was only a matter of time before comic books got the once-over. Where does it end? Computer Games (unpleasant memories of Streetfighter spring to mind), Youtube or Youporn clips??

I'm personally looking forward to the Bash Street Kids, Dangermouse, Ghostbusters, Fat Slags & Alan Moore's lesbian comic book 'Lost Girls'. Let's not forget the inevitable live action version of the Smurfs - just what we need: Christina Ricci as Smurfette.

So the question is....

Has Hollywood finally lost the plot(s)?



bafic said...

Mmm...well i wouldnt really say lost the plot but lazy...and also the writers strike hasnt helped..is it still going on?...new dragonball z film! new pink panther new prince of persia (yes that is a game) new gi joe?hmm..
i just read theres going to be little fockers meet the parent 3! wow 2009 alot of new films

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

TRON 2... I cant wait!

ROBOCOP... better not fuck it up like robocop 2. Robocop Manga was crazy though! i loved that shit!

ps. i will report back tomorrow... too tired to leave a comment about the current state of hollywood. i feel i nice ATCN debate coming on!

NO-BIZZI said...

yeahhhhh mayn!

we does this LOL

clav said...

@ bafic, I wouldn't say they're lazy, I'd say they're extremely shrewd... By the way, the writers strike is over but now there's a possibility of an actors strike over the same contract renewals with the studios!!!

Hollywood hasn't lost the plot at all - it is simply doing what it's always done - it's adapting and making films that make money. Nobody cares what any of critics, the public and least of all, us (supposedly enlightened people), think. Period.

Here's a little bit of knowledge that goes to prove my point (and also because I have a vested interest in it!) - the Cameron Diaz/Ashton Kutcher flick "What Happens In Vegas" although universally derided by the critics (and probably any Tribers who'll admit to having seen it!) was a huge success financially for its makers 20th Century Fox; for a modest production budget totalling around $35 million, it grossed over $200 million. In 7 weeks.

To put it another way - if you'd put up a $1 million, you'd have seen $5.71 million back just off ticket sales alone and that's BEFORE we start talking about DVD sales, satellite/terrestrial TV syndication, repeat broadcast fees etc.

Now you tell me - where else on earth can you invest your money and get a turnaround of that level that quickly (and why would anyone who invested in that particular movie give a shit what anyone of us think)!?

As I've said before - opinions, on here or otherwise, mean nothing in the face of hard statistics!

clav said...

Oh, and by the way, I did go to see "What Happens In Vegas" - I'll admit it WAS doo-doo but I have a valid reason for watching it... lol

ACYDE said...

As your man said Hollywood is far from lazy.. it takes time, effort and money to make money. They are just sticking to a blueprint which seems to consistently provide results.

Cinema is simply following the example of it's older brother 'Theatre'... why give them something new, when they'll swallow the same ol' shit everytime.

Inspiration can and should be drwan from any medium...comic strips, newspaper headlines, gossip on the subway, wherever.

But it's the culture of cheap dumb sequels that really gets me... do we really need another update of 'Ghost'?

Leese said...

Huh Ghost?

There's gonna be sequel to Ghost?

Seriously? or am i being gullable as usual?

Leese said...

Oh you know they are doing Terminater again with Christian Bale as the new John Connor set in 2018- only they've dumed down an 18cert to a 12A cert which may be dissapointing. Personally I think he would've made a gr8 terminator-have u seen equlibrium? Whats funny is that they have plucked another Austrian Bodybuilder from obscurity to play the new terminator.

I'm bringing up this late news (to all u anons out there) cuz I have never heard of Tron and just wanted to be the conversation.

sooo... can some1 enlightem me please? what is tron?

yeahisaidit said...

*gasps at last sentence*


Anonymous said...

Leese "what is tron"


ACYDE said...

Be eazzze... TRON camne out in 82, Some of the readers weren't even born yet. Each one teach one... for instance I have no idea who Tigga is? Does he rap, does he sing, does he clean out Lil Wayne's bong and stryofoam cup? Enlighten me.

yeahisaidit said...

i came out in 82.

write back.

clav said...

@yeahisaidit - some ppl had a sheltered upbringing - hell, I came out in '75 but I didn't really know about Michael Jackson till the '90s! Blame my my parents total disregard for any secular music. It's what happens when you're from a very strict conservative Christian background...

And so your point is!? lol :D

yeahisaidit said...

no MJ? crikey, i thought my mum was a whipcracker, now I realise she was quite the bohemian.

Thiller was my 1st album. Well, my daddy bought it for me, but it was still my 1st own lbum.