On Saturday...

...a large part of the ATCN crew descended on a bar in North London to help celebrate Illsun's birthday. Much drinking, dancing and bubbling went down and a big time was had by all. Happy birthday Illsun!


I entrusted my camera to my flatmate and instead of taking a photo of the birthday boy himself, she took a photo of his photo, like it was a funeral or something. Unfortunately she's a bit too cute to get pissed off with (see below)


She also failed to take pics of, well, pretty much everyone. Hence, this is the only other photographic evidence I can share with you:



In other news: MR W and I made our DJing debut and, despite a few technical glitches, managed to not completely embarrass ourselves. Except when we started dancing manically and whooping to every track. Then people looked at us as if we were a bit strange. Which of course we are!




Phoebe and MR W.

Now taking bookings for weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs. Get at us!



Anonymous said...

MrW has got a Jimmy Hill chin! Butters. (still get it though lol)

CockDiesel throwing up some sticky 4's.

CD reppin East
Hackney stand up.

Turkish Phil said...

Phoebe is officially Hot like a subway reggae reggae (hot hot)
If you read this Phoebe you are the star in my lonely single man alone time moments! You work my imagination to its absolute limits!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday to illsun, hope you had a good one!! and sharing the day (supposing your Birthday was on Saturday) with a landmark day in History...the day the face of 100m sprinting changed. Dels was right and I was wrong (earlier posts) but do I care the race was amazing (sorry to divert from the original post)

Mick Swagger said...

Looking absolutely fantastic as per usual ladies!!!

And is it me or is turkish phil sharing FAR 2 much information??


illsun said...

Got to hand it to Mr. W & Phoebe the selection was on fire.

Big shout to everyone that came down on Saturday Night - Tribers and otherwise. I'm really not sure about the photo I look a bit out of it in that shot and it does have a funeral feel!!

Scarlett said...

Phoebe also fills my lonely lady moments!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

why is everyone a dj these days?
uuber played out. get a real talent/ job.

snoop said...

Guess Who's Bizzack. Real tawlk da dogg pound waz fin tah do a remix of dat der track ya feelz me.
Pheobe looking g'd out and shit, word tah mutha stop scratching those records mami and come rub mah stomach ya dig. big snoop out

Anonymous said...

id like to book u 2 for my bedroom jam???

Shareeka said...

Happy born day Illsun

Anonymous said...

girls can't dj?

Anonymous said...

Girls cant dj BUT they can bj as long as there aint no teeth involved! Gums and lip action only girls.