If you are not a fan of The Wire this will make no sense to you.
If you are a fan, then shiiiiiit get ready for a moment of You tube Gold!

Big up the DZL for this one and to all my my Tribers who love a bit of the wire, Season Five viewing begins at my crib aka the white house on Monday the 1st of september Promptly at 8pm. We are gonna get through the entire season in around three days!



TheCool said...

Genius. Clay Davis is that dude. Who got that season 5 DVD early then?? I thought that it don't finish on FX for another 3 weeks.

NO-BIZZI said...


yerw said...

ahh he does that shit in two spike lee movies too.
She Hate Me & 25th Hour.

SPECKS said...


biz next time i see you want you to replicate the joy of that... and thats an order, i know you've got it in you.


and season 5, yes oh yes.

william adam said...

you gotta love the wire man Sheeeeeeeeeeeiiittttttttttttt

NO-BIZZI said...


Rodriguez said...

The Wire is a lot. I've seen season 5... Sheeeeeeeeeeeiiiitttttttt

Is it wrong to be hot for Snoop?

Thugged out B'more girls. Yerp.