The Secret is Out

After my Stan-like post on those MOB girls, it's time to show some love for a streetwear brand that is doing big things a lot closer to home. West London clothing label TRAPSTAR never fails to impress with its range of tees and sweatshirts, and regularly held store invasions and after-parties are always similarly on point.

This Wednesday, the elusive TRAPSTAR founders are venturing into less familiar territory with an exhibition in their part of London Town. The show will be held in collaboration with the Grenade art collective, so expect to see Alien B-Movie inspired pieces by Pref, Dr. Brazil, Alex Young and Tizer. Details of the after-party will be revealed on the night so make you're in attendance!


When you've got a minute, also be sure to check out the TRAPSTAR website. There, you can read a recent article on the label taken from Code magazine, in which the boys discuss music, Moschino and keeping it all strictly 'Members Only'.



Anonymous said...

Very overhyped imho. Not hating but I believe they have had their time, not to original.
Up your speed or move over!

joshpowell said...

Like what these guys are doing, glad that someone in the UK is getting money. Specially like the attention to detail even in the packaging, makes a real difference if only for aesthetic purposes, one thing i hope they do is some cut and sew for autumn...

Anonymous said...