After spending a little time with the ladies from ATCN yesterday in possibly the most kitsch flat in London a love for the slightly yellowing, rough around the edges abode has been rekindled.

So when i came across this set of photos by Lamya Gargash of soon to be demolished houses in the United Arab Emirates i knew they needed to be posted! As i grew up in a flat in North London and spent half my childhood knocking for mates or visiting family friends in doily covered homes, a small place in my heart will be forever left for such atrocities...is this wrong or should is it about time i embrace the Ikea way of life with both hands?




SPECKS said...

AMAZING... with a tiny touch of TMNT.

surely atrocity is the wrong choice of word though. I like to think of such hidden gems as historical relics... from times more innocent and fun, where jammy dodger biscuits ran freely.


fisheye x granny flat... have a feeling its huge!

yeahisaidit said...

my granny is clearly as on point as it gets without even knowing it.

Wonder if i could exchange my flat with hers?

i'll just tell her the sex swing is a hammock. Old people love hammocks right?

I was in the TMNT fanclub (read: loser) Michelangelo was my favourite.

BTW, Ikea is not a look anyone should want to have. Don't get me wrong, the Edmonton branch has seen me more than once or twice but wanting to look the same as everyone else cannot be good.

NO-BIZZI said...


ya damn right it was all about Michaelangelo...

he could dance and loved his food...

im convinced he was black!

SPECKS said...

i can read but...

did biz just call Michelangelo black? hahahaaa

anyway, it was all about the purple turtle. donatello baby.

Ginger Kid said...

Specks's Italian aunt is a pioneer.

yeahisaidit said...

when the evil Shredder atacks, these Turtle boys won't cut 'em no slack


lil naked boi said...

rafa was the best turtle, and michaelangelo was definately black.

i am naked just like the turtles.

maz said...

keep the old, blend some new. but dont destroy the old. i had tmnt clips for my trainers when i was little. toughest girl around.