Not A P*ssyhole!

Wiley has come at Dizzee ....
Download the diss track Here

It all seems a bit contrived, don't you think?

Ginger kid.


Anonymous said...

Watching Wiley struggle with sound at reading was nice to see

watching dizzee control the whole crowd at reading was miles better

Anonymous said...

wiley reps it til the death. Im so bow E3! his albums are on point. he used to slew mans on a regular during lord of the mics.

He produces some of the best grime beats, fuck dizze that pussywhole

I'd rather listen to a kano mixtape or a wiley beat any day of the week

Anonymous said...

Wiley is wasre. The track isn't strong or hard hitting, Wiley blatantly doesn't even have anywhere near the money Diz has got so to come at him from that angle is poor. Diz is the only credited, highly regarded, cross over, mainstream dominant mc in this country and he can kill nay beat, any stage and crowd anywhere. He is miles better than Will, he needs to step off, come with something new and if your gonna make a diss track make a powerful record, that beat, that hook it is all below par. Pussyole is a classic battle record, it stands up on its own regardless of the context and slews wiley to the core. move on will your past it son.

Nick Lewis said...

this sums it up


Anonymous said...

Wiley is rubbishhhhh

How weak was that track? Dizzee is kway better

Anonymous said...

wiley kills it - he came at it right - dizzee was being childish with pussyole and wiley has just ruined him. dizzee is still sick though

Anonymous said...

how did he ruin him? seriously..

Anonymous said...

GK what happened?

Anonymous said...

he should be ashamed

we finally get some acts in the chart and instead of celebrating he's trying to pull down the only no.1 act we have.


Diz rise about this bull

William Adam said...

dizzee dont be silly
that was shite
im sure he couldve come up with better lyrics than that
as a comeback diss track that was soo soooo shit

in my opinion dizzees pussyole track had a much better effect
why you rollin with a pussyole moving with a pussyole

Anonymous said...

oh dear

Unknown said...

so he's written a song that won't get played on the radio, isn't good enough for the clubs, probably won't make the album and started an argument that probably should have died a while ago.

I rate Wiley and will always bump his good tracks but this is cack.

Anonymous said...

you don't understand.