Michael Phelps is my hero...

...and no, it's not because he is the most successful Olympian of all time. My love for Mr Phelps is based entirely on my admiration of his daily diet, which is reportedly as follows:

-Three fried egg sandwiches (with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, fried onions, mayonnaise)
-Three chocolate-chip pancakes
-Five-egg omelette
-Three sugar-coated slices of French toas
-Bowl of grits
-Two cups of coffee

-Half-kilogramme (one pound) of enriched pasta
-Two large ham and cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise on white bread
-Energy drinks

-Half-kilogramme of pasta, with carbonara sauce
-Large pizza
-Energy drinks

Granted, Phelps does about seven hours exercise a day but still! The man eats like an obese Texan teenager and he has a body fat rate of 8%. For this, he will always have a special place in my heart.

Any readers out there eating on Phelps' levels? Share your daily diets with the Tribe! Even if no-one else is interested, I definitely am! Humour me here, people.



lil naked boi said...

Pasta and ketchup

Cheese String

Rice and Baked Beans

9:00 - Naked Push ups
12:00 - Naked Star Jumps
14:00 - Naked Volleyball
18:00 - Naked Gymnastics

homer pimpson said...

I think that it's hilarious that folks don't realize Michael Phelps is powered by HIPHOP, since that's what he's listening to before every race. This one's recent:


And this link is over a year old.

Like we didn't already know that HIPHOP is the music of CHAMPIONS!

Booga said...

@ U of M Michael Phelps told people that he was "majoring in pussy". Hmmm. This post happens to be my forte as- I grew up swimming and idolized Michael Phelps and I love food.

What I ate yesterday:
Naked's Green Machine (it's a smoothie with greens, fruits, soy and phytonutrients)
bowl of Kashi cereal with blueberries and soymilk

snack: cream cheese and raspberry danish, green tea

snack 2:banana/chocolate/peanut butter smoothie

lunch: mock chicken salad at Zyphr (baby greens, walnuts, almonds, mock chicken, celery, bell peppers, and tomato basil dressing)
root beer float

dinner:del taco bean and cheese burrito

"snack" 3: 2 irish car bombs, 2 vodka redbulls, 2 heinekins

...which led to:mango and sticky rice, thai iced tea with boba.

P.s. anyone want to be rad and vote for my story? (help me win a laptop)

NO-BIZZI said...

sounds like my ex

SPECKS said...

naked's green machine does not sound pleasurable... and mock chicken salad. what is that about? tell me it was in fact a real bird and order can be restored.

Phoebe said...

Majoring in pussy! Listens to Hip Hop! He's like an extremely fit version of McLovin!

My love for him deepens with each new revelation.

P.S. lil naked boi- I gots love for you and your endless variations on the naked theme, too.

Anonymous said...

breakfast- large bowl of porridge

snack- banana and go bar

snack 2- protein shake

Lunch- 3 ham, cucumber and spinach rolls

snack- protein shake

dinner- 2 chicken breasts with loads of pasta

snack- protein shake and peanut butter sandwich

all washed down with 2 litres of water and tea. plus some fresh weed

Ruby Rocks said...

breakfast: n/a
snack: still fanta large
lunch: ceasar salad
snack: big l
dinner: bream

excercise: bunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
better than michael phelps def

william adam said...

deres no way dude eats all that and stil looks like that

Ginger Kid said...

Naked boy.

I love you.

No homo.

Neyull said...

Naked boy ftw!

Booga said...

@ biz- was your ex obese?!

@specks-lol. the naked green machine is actually hella good. The kiwi and pineapple are mainly what you taste... and I wear on everything- the mock chicken salad was DELICIOUS. Should you ever come to LA- I highly reccommend the resteraunt Zyphr and you won't believe how good it is. Yeah, it's all plant based. What can I say- I'm an omnivore now, but 8 years being veggie- I still have those tendencies. ;)
@phoebe- lmao- "an extremely fit mclovin"
@William Adams- I totally believe it. When I was serious with my swimming and in peak training I would eat an entire large pizza or 3 or 4 hamburgers in one sitting, and yet I was a little 95 pound 12 year old (and I still wasn't even doing half the training he does). When you're training on his level, you pretty much need all the fuel you can get. Hopefully he switches up WHAT he eats though, because he'll have health problems fa sho when he gets older if he keeps it up...

maz said...

the guy is awesome. i bet he gets great leverage on his competition cuz of his double-jointedness and his big feet *wink wink*. reppin for B-more!