Lykke Li - Breaking It Up from SylvAïn (DiscoattacK) on Vimeo.

Here is the video for Lykke Li's latest single ''Breaking It up.'' It's a homage to Fiona Apple's "Criminal". Expect marionette-esque dance moves with crazy hair flicking. There is something about this lady (apart from the music) that I really like...? :)

If you haven't yet, check out the song "Until We Bleed" here. Its sick!!!

Sink or Swim?

Delboy likes this a lot. So catchy!



yeahisaidit said...

been loving her for a while.

did you see her at the ICA?

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...


and Camden Crawl I think....

gonna see her at Big Chill festival tomorrow night as im playing there too!

Gonna miss TRADING PLACES though! shit... :(

Anonymous said...

delboy i love you. look out for me, i'll be wearing a 'lykke' bun just for you!


DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...



yeahisaidit said...

undercover lover

Anonymous said...

oooo... is laura ur love?

Lykke video is banging!!! she is SUPERRRR COOL.

Leese said...

At 1st i was lyk:



But i think i was too quick to judge-it grew on me really quickly... i think she may catch

me lykke


oh yeah swim

write back

lil naked boi said...

she is quite good, not a huge fan tbh.

p.s who here's naked?

illsun said...

I saw her at the ICA and again at the Itunes Festival - I'm a massive fan. In my mind you can tell a solid album by the fact everytime you listen you change your mind on what is the favourite at the moment it's Tonight: big tune

Anonymous said...


Big post dels