Jamie Livingston - Photo of That Day

Prepare to be blown away.

In 1979 Jamie Livingston decided to take ONE polaroid a day. His collection of work amounts to one picture a day between march 1979 to the day he died in october 1997. Above are some random selections from the 6000 plus images he recored. The pictures give a remarkable insight into one man's life, whereby friends come and go, mundane daily life seems to stop still, adventures take place abroad and random chicken dinners are documented. With 18 years worth of daily photographs the dedication behind his photographs really make the collection stand out from almost anything i've ever seen before. It's truly worth taking a look at.

It is a life diary... who needs words? They say a picture...

His entire collection can be seen here.



Pop Lock and Drop said...

The hospital pics at the end give me chills !
Phenomenal find though !

SPECKS said...

tell me about it.

in the last month did you also see the picture of a ring... and then the wedding picture just two days later.

after looking for a while, what once seemed like random pictures all fit together into a coherent story. for the most part anyway.

Anonymous said...

kind of overwhelming as a whole. checked out my month and year of birth. its amazing really. mad find specks.

yeahisaidit said...

I read about Jamie Livingstone quite recently, but had never taken the time to go through each picture. I found it made me feel quite emotional. The picture of the ring and then the wedding def stands out, and the one with the scar on his head.

you can read a little bit more about him here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamie_Livingston

Anonymous said...

Such a dope collection. such a s shame polaroid film has been discontinued.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing!
Seriously inspiring!