The "good" old days

A 100% genuine Silk cut ad from the 80's

The rumor is the BACC (or equivalent) tried to ban the ad because the murdering of Zulus was considered inappropriate for daytime telly (can't think why). But instead of the agency canceling the ad and starting again like many would, the account man asked the BACC (or equivalent) if it would be okay if they simply said "sorry" after each kill. Unbelievable! And now they are banning ads like this...


Big up the DZL on this one!



Ginger Kid said...

Big up cancer!
Props to lung disease!
And hold tight dirty breath and yellow teeth!

I miss these adverts.

clav said...

*Adopts Old Etonian accent (hold tight Biz!)* Ah, those were the days... Sailing down the Zambezi, gun in hand, picking them off one by one - those mosquitoes never saw it coming poor bastards...


Anonymous said...


good old england

Ella said...

wait... the snickers advert got banned?

Ms Porcelain said...

I think that it takes a long time for the masses to accept that discrimination (of any kind) is stupid!! That ish was acceptable in the 80's, but now.... Not so much.

The portrayal of the natives (that being us Africans) is laughable. Yo that African man, has a slight Jamaican British accent LMAO!!

As far as speed walking. I think it has more to do with the perceptions of those complaining about the ad than the ad itself. LOL!!!

Mr T got paid though LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

the man playing the 'only' talking zulu is not black. Hence the calypso accent + black face

Understandable in the 1800's but awful for the 80's

Anonymous said...


big up mr T