Ghetto Gourmet

Recently I’ve been spending a little too much time around Wembley. It’s been a bit survival of the fittest, and that’s got nothing to do with my dodging violent crime. Survival mode was deployed namely because I had no internet as my stolen wireless connection finally got locked off. I also increased my chances ten fold of being one of those fat on the inside people by eating nothing but salt fish patty, asda's own coco pops and fried chicken on the daily.

Now as bank holiday weekend is underway its only right I share a gem that is not only questionably entertaining, but quite possibly a worthwhile cookery education for those in need of guidance in the culinary arts.

Let me present cooking with Coolio. No bull shit… see how soft he gets his steak, with the precise dimebag measurements... it's on. Get to know Cooking with Coolio and his ghetto gourmet recipes.

You got a ghetto gourmet recipe of your own? Does your mother feed your turkey dinosaurs? If so, sort it out.

Its bank holiday, who needs an excuse to chow down that little bit harder.
He'll take it there... "You need no teeth to eat my meat."

For even more cooking with coolio click here.



Anonymous said...

"it's on there 24/7, 365 days a year, sometimes 366." LOL!

Anonymous said...

what the fuck happened to coolio?

Anonymous said...

Obviously he presents cookery programmes!!

yeahisaidit said...

this is good, but nothing will touch Come Dine With Me.