Joshua Prince aka Dust La Rock is an illustrator/graphic designer who serves as an art director for Fool's Gold Records. As it's 100m-zoop-zoop season, I thought i'd post up samples of Dust La Rock's Olympic memorabilia. His vintage collector's pieces include Adidas sweatshirts, kicks and dusty Olympic annuals:

Are you feelin' this collection? SINK or SWIM?

Ps. Did anyone see the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympic games on Friday? Thoughts?



SPECKS said...

I used to have this amazing Atlanta 1996 watch. Kinda looked like a G-shock, only better.

That watch is on the list of the top 5 things I've lost and wish I could bring back.

I love the Olympics. I'm planning to go to the winter Olympics as a team GB curler. one of my secret talents.

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

Wow. Better than G Shock? I had a Barcelona '92 Jordan shellsuit which actually caught on fire.

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

*i wanted to see how quickly it would burn. how disrespectful to the Jordan brand?!! i was only young.

Shenanigan said...

..feeling this

yeahisaidit said...

re: curling

can i do the mad brushing the floor bit while you throw the curling stone?

i've always thought that might be the kind of thing I could really excel at. (I also thought I would be good in Riverdance at one point)

SPECKS said...

fuck riverdance. you can be a top curler in your 40s... we have time to master this. ATCN x Olympic glory could be ours. might be a bit controversial when we throw up fours on the podium... whatever.

dels your anecdote made me laugh. and for real, better than a G shock.

yeahisaidit said...

ok, I'm going to look into this now. I think I could make the special shoes they wear work.

It'll be like Cool Runnings.

I suggest we brainstorm. I'll go get the flipchart.

Do you have a strategy?
Do I get to wear a sweatband on my head?

we're too late for 2012 aren't we? I can get the train to Stratford straight from Highbury & Islington if we are not.

NO-BIZZI said...


I need all the jumpers now!