Colour splash!

Being in my now mid twenties (arragh) digital photography is a way of life and film photography feels like something I only ever used to do with the crappy instant Kodak jobby I bought for holiday.

It wasn't until Specks returned from Canada with a fish eye Lomo just for me that the run to Snappy Snaps became a regular and fun addition to the week. You see, the thrill of not knowing exactly how a shot turned out and learning the hard way in terms of composition and lightning choice, changes the consideration taken shot for shot.

So when ATCN Alumni Fatsarazzi hooked me up with a Staple Design customised Colour Splash Lomo camera (Complete with pigeon and pigeon shite) I knew I was about to become a regular down good old Snappy Snaps!

With this addition to my humble army of cameras, the question is: who is about to get treated like the ugly step child? The expensive to buy and fix digital cameras or the cheap to cop but expensive to run Lomo film Cameras.

Where do you stand? Digital or Film?



Anonymous said...

film all day cuz
cant beat it

NO-BIZZI said...

Im torn!

Anonymous said...


Ask about me said...

Im a big fan of both so im going to have to sit on the fence with this one!

Quick question... im i the only male reader that thinks fern cotton is beautiful?

Mick Swagger said...

As an appreciator of beautiful women let me be the first to say that your not alone my friend .. beauty .. intelligence and humour !

Fearne is a definite triple threat !!

2Xtra the home of Eastern European music said...

I would be inclined to buss on the base of her spine

Ask about me said...

Wow! ^^^^^^

2much info please stand in the corner with your hands on your head!!

How very dare you!! lol

Anonymous said...

ima go digital

and also add that fern is a darling

Anonymous said...

I also have a quick question for mr yeates , after working with the beautiful miss cotton for how many years? surely at some point you must have found urself thinking " yes please "
So my question is did you ever try it?
Would you ever try it?
and if your answer to both is no then hook a brother up biz! LOL

Anonymous said...

Fern looks a bit like Mr Burns from the simpson's.* No homo *

Ben Williams said...

I think you've got the correct balance Biz. I'ma buy one of them lomo's come payday. Such a dope tool to experiment with

If you can afford it why not have both?

The SLR joint may have to wait til christmas tho lol. I'm happy with my samsung dig for now

Willy Lopez said...

its like digital vs analogue for music. the purest sound will always be analogue.

Anonymous said...


maz said...

digital. only cuz of the sharper pics.

Pop Lock and Drop said...

Is the third one down that cbbc presenter called angelica or something ? I used to full on LOVE her. Whats she doing now ?

illsun said...

I'm so shit with a camera I'd be about a million worse off if i printed the photos I take.

I can see the joy and quality of film but for me it's digital all the way.

Anonymous said...

nice manicure biz..

anyway.. i like film the colours are often better and it looks more real somehow. film is more romantic but digital is way easier. with digital you tend not to print your photos and most memories are more often stored on facebook and flicker now rather than in albums which is a shame.

i wonder do people studying photography still learn how to develop film the old skool way, ie in a dark room with trays of pungent liquids..? that was always fun.



Anonymous said...



NO-BIZZI said...

I get hated on for alot of things but my my nails...wow

Big up your self

Anonymous said...

Biz it was not hating I promise .. I really do appreciate a good manicure.

FRZI said...

my brother, the aim is to play with both...like Nice & Smooth said...'this is how we take the old to the new, the new to the old, the old to the new'
be well