ART ON ATCN: Polish Film posters

Every now and again i get sent a random email containing something that makes my jaw drop. A link i received this week led me to a barrel of images that did just that! I give you Polish Film posters. It seems as though in their corner of the world they understand a movie poster can be treated as a piece of art and more importantly timeless...

A clockwork Orange

Enter the Dragon

Fatal Attraction

Smokey and the Bandit

Weekend at Bernies

Radiers of the lost Arc

Raging Bull

Could you hang any of these on your wall?



Anonymous said...

i'm in fight mode. raging bull poster is sick still.

SPECKS said...

apart from the fact that i unapologetically hate poland... know basically nothing about film... i really like the posters a lot.

yeahisaidit said...

i didn't know Bruce Lee wore lipstick.

(*wonders if i should ask*) why the Poland hate Specks?

illsun said...

you can't hate a whole country?

The Fatal Attraction one is sick but the two Star Wars ones blow my mind - I'm just working out if I have space on my walls...

SPECKS said...

i can. illsun you'd get spat on in poland too. true story.