Whos that girl?

After the huge success of Gym Class Heroes - Cupids Choke hold last summer almost every girl I know had a crush on front man Travis and would ask the question..."Is he single?"

well here's your answer...No.
Why?......hit play...

After three weeks at number one in the good old U.S this ode to lesbianism knocked the lolly pop out of Lil Wayne's tattooed mouth.

So will Katy Perry find success in the U.K?



Phoebe said...

i hope not. bloody annoying.

tel said...

I think its okay...

Samantha Jones said...

She will score in the gay clubs that's 4 sure

yeahisaidit said...

i fear this song may never leave my mind.

did she actually say ' i tasted her cherry chapstick'?

i kissed a girl, la la la

damn you Biz!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Samantha


to be honest I think that it will hit it off here u know-its that kind of song.

Funny thing is, it's gonna have all non-lesbians and lesbians alike singing 'I kissed a girl and I liked it' Imagine that! My mother will kill me!lol

brazen said...

the song is awful! Is Travis with her?!?

I think this is a song that will get pissed up straight girls snogging with a crowd of boys around cheering. Hit for the fake lesbos!!!

The real lezzas will never stop rocking out to pink, they'll hate this song!