We Wore what?

That is Joe and he likes wearing vintage t-shirts, he wouldn't admit it, but he has a penchant for the extra tight, snug look...

But what are you feeling right now? What are you wearing? What are we wearing?

Check out ATCN sister site WE WORE WHAT? on the daily. Get involved and do be on the look out for shady looking camera wielding individuals. We've got our eyes peeled...

Simply click the tab at the top of the page or on the right. Alternatively i'll make it easy... just this once... CLICK HERE!!!



Anonymous said...

you guys do it on a different level.

specks dope shots right there. why did they end the poloroid?

so how do we get our pics up on www? have you got to see us out and about or can we submit?

anon said...

People say that specks is choonger than phoebe, but I think phoebe is choonger.

Anonymous said...

im definitely one of those people then. so we doing this again.


the link from biz's post, made me think of specks and phoebe. TOGETHER.

anon said...

I like the way your mind works man.

NO-BIZZI said...



To get your photos on www? email them with a full breakdown of what your wearing and where its from to:




bafic said...


anon said...

I hate when people do that, it irritates me. I used to say that shit in year 6. OOOKKKKAAAYYY THEN LOLZZZZ!11 I woz SmArT!