Trading Verses

A tribe called fresh.... say what? Now I don't know who the hell directed this video, it is, quite frankly, laughable... but all that aside - It has Estelle, Daytona, Capone and NORE trading verses in a stairwell... in stairwell, haha.



Anonymous said...
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NO-BIZZI said...

Just in case your wondering what was deleted, it was another ignorant comment by one of the famous tribe haters.

We are doing alot with what should be just another blogspot. So to all our regular readers thanks for the support and to all the negative people if you nothing good to say, say nothing at all...


Anonymous said...

first off... nobody in journalism can ever be 100% original, 100% of the time. some things just need to be passed on, spreading information is the aim of the journalist.

the point of this video is that its a shit video and the trading of verse.

How original can you get when stating that?

why am i writing this... because specks is fit so fuck it.

the video is throwbackkkkk. its so bad that its dope. dude looking out the window with his stress face on.

the trading verses... dope.

Anonymous said...

i directed this video, on the camera on my phone, 7 mega pixels blaaaaad. You got beef with my technology? haha, i joke.

fucking funny video. just close your eyes and the track is actually realy good though. stelly stels vocals are tight.

and yes, bring back trading verses.

tel said...


Anonymous said...

first time hearing this track. actually its heavy, obviously cacky video as stated but fuck it, dope track. fuck it nore is heavy, and not just the weight.

side note, the absence of estelle visuals got me thinking ///

HOW BANGING IS HER BODY IN HER LATEST VID NO SUBSTITUTE? who knew she was hiding all that. and the breastssss... im just saying.

Anonymous said...

the blog's tight

wouldn't be any 'ignorant hatin' if you credited your sources.

it's not negative thing to say, it's all love, you credit your sources and us readers get to go check out those sites too...how would you feel if the reverse was done and people catted ATCN w/out giving due props?