The Ronaldo Show

Ronaldo was a once hailed as the 'next' Pelé.
He was my favourite player before Henry joined (the mighty) Arsenal.
I haven't seen 'big Ron' play for a long time... so lets reminisce.

Ps. My brother just told me that Ronaldo is now fat?! Wtf?! So when I searched 'is Ronaldo fat?' via Google check out what came up here, here and here.



Elijah said...

Man U Ronaldo is better. Time will prove that trust. This guy was hampered by injury most of his career.

Tim Nice But Dim said...

Injury or no injury Ronaldo in his heyday was a boss !
Some of that inter Milan stuff was illish!!
And he went on to continue that when at Madrid .. defo one of the best to do it!

Anonymous said...

Elijah let's see if time proves it on Man Utd (for now!!) Ronaldo. A couple of good seasons and it's all gone to his head, he's busy prancing around LA on his crutches (not sure if he's able to prance on them but anyway!!) in his super tight metallic shorts, giving interviews to anyone who'll listen about his love for Real, let's just remember Real haven't even put a bid in yet!! It's all going to his head, he could have it all and yet lose it all!!

Twin said...

Bloody hell that video reminded me of what a DON! Ronaldo was. No Matter how fat or hairy you get afterwards (i.e. Cantona!) that many nutmegs makes you a DON.

Reminds me of playing footy school times, after I did I nutmeg, I would walk slowly of the pitch for a while........My Job was done.

NO-BIZZI said...

Big up twin!

P.s what a RANDOM soundtrack!


The Almanac said...

dont even mention cristiano in the same breath as the great one..

Ronaldo actually beat people with his step overs. he didnt dance on the spot like michael flatley.

Ronaldo is one of the greatest full stop, and i'm the biggest arsenal fan, but Mr Henry cant be compared to Ronaldo either, sorry.

Anonymous said...

people who still contiune to doubt cristiano are just naive. a couple of seasons back maybe but now no one is on par with cristiano.