Over paid? Spoilt? Idiots?

I think this post had to be done, as I want to know the Tribers and of course all the readers opinions are on this topic.

With Christiano Ronaldo describing himself as a 'slave' recently, and Frank Lampard wanting a 5-Year deal at Chelsea when he has been offered £16 Million a year for FOUR YEARS from the club he supposedly loves, and kisses the badge of everytime he scores. Or do footballers deserve all the money they get, as the amount of money they make their clubs and TV networks is surplus of their £100,000 a week.

So are they...Overpaid?

Are they spoilt and ungrateful...?

Or are they just idiots...?


Ginger Kid

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PS. Arsenal still make me a bit sick.


Pow Wiow said...

I think that alot of players are just a bit stupid really, such as Ronaldo, what a dick, describing himself as a slave. Thats stupid.

Lampard is just trying to make chelsea force him out, he wants to go to Inter.

Adebayor is an idiot though, he isn't that good, not 30 million anyway. Stay at arsenal and appreciate it.


Ginger Kid said...


Yeah I agree, Lamps is trying to look to blame Chelsea for his exit as he doesn't want to let down the fans, when really he is making himself look like a wanker for rejecting a great deal.

Adebayor isnt £30 Million worth of good, no wonder the gunners got no offers for him.

And Ronaldo is a greasy wasteman.

Anonymous said...

Overpaid and spoilt and idots.

adebayors actions have disgusted me and im an arsenal fan!!

Ginger Kid said...
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DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

Overpaid? Nope. Football generates sooo much money from TV, Radio, Brands & endorsements/sponsorships. The money has to be spent somewhere... and nobody deserves it more than the Footballers themselves.
These guys dedicate their lives to the craft from a young age. Musicians get paid what they're owed for how much they generate in the market?

Fifa's president Sepp Blatter was the one who described Christiano Ronaldo as a 'modern day slave', not Ronaldo himdelf. "Slaves"? Footballers have the best job in the world!


@ Ginger Kid, Arsenal have just made a new signing in the form of Samir Nasri (who the French press hail as the new Zinedine Zidane) Arshavin is also 'desperate' to sign for us too... so watch out brother! The Gooners trophy cabinet is going to shine brighter this year!


@Biz – you need to be coming to watch Arsenal home games with us next season bro! I had no idea you was riding with the best team in football.

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

check out Samir Nasri's quick feet here:


misch said...

dels do not encourage biz he spends his life at that ground!

Ginger Kid said...

I agree with most of that Dels,

I think yes the footballers do deserve the wages they are paid as the revenue made of them equates to the wages they are given. But the words Slave and a premiership footballer do not go together, whether or not u throw 'modern day' before it, its just a stupid claim.

@Arsenal - It doesnt matter what the press hail Nasri as, we will see what he can come up with on a cold wednesday night game in Hull. They hailed Francis Jeffers as the next Alan Shearer, didnt quite work out. I'm also only joking when I say arsenal make me sick, they only make me a bit sick, I hate Liverpool and United more than Arsenal. I have a bit more respect for Wenger than I do rafa and Fergie. Even though he is a paedo.

*The views of ginger kid do not refelct the views of A Tribe Called Next. Or anybody affiliated with the site.

Chelsea really are gonna win the league this year. Arsenal 3rd. AGAAAIIIINNN.

Ginger Kid said...

oh and LOOOOLLLL @ Dels:

"check out Samir Nasri's quick feet here:"

NO-BIZZI said...

Me and illsun are season ticket holders homie!

ATCN x Gooners! coming soon LOL

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

I never said 'slave' and footballer go together?! huh? I dont know what Sepp Blatter was thinking when he made that statement! Mr. Blatter is just one dumb rich fuck.

thats the kind of statement that'll have my ancestors turning in their graves!

Ginger Kid said...


LOL @ ATCN x Gooners.

If you do that I will have to draw for the ....

'Ginger Kid ... Diaries from the Bridge.'


I joke. I joke.

One said...

Blatter and Platini hate english clubs dominating Europe so if you read their comments their always tryin to upset us, like when Platini said the other week he was goin to ban english clubs from champoins league if they were in debt.What about the Italians abd Spanish??

Blatter's comments were out of order and Ronaldo's just tryin to engineer a move away from Man U.

If Fat Frank came out and said he wanted to experience another league and culture then you would accpet it but I think he's being advised by his agent (like they all do because the agent gets a nice slice of the fee) to hold the club to ransom. What's funnt about Chelsea is that JT apart they were all brought to the club,go around kissing the badge but would leave at the drop of a hat!

@Dels agree with you man Nasri will be a good signing for you, I'm not an Arsenal fan but Wenger knows his signings, he knows when to let them go too, name one gunner under him who's left and gone on to better things?

@GK your hate for liverpool is shared by my hate for Chelsea.

Roll on the new seaon let the best team win!

Come On Torred, Stevie, Carra and the boys!

I'm off to dig out my old Anfield Rap 7"!!

One said...

Apologises for the typos in the above post. Typing on the BB. Small letters/Big Hands!!lol

Thecool said...

yuck a gooners post session lol

Nah seriously though, Blatter started that slave rubbish, I hate that man with a passion, has to be one of the most dumbest & misguided quotes I've heard since Makaele & Mourinho said the same thing a few years back about the France national team. Shouldn't he have to answer to someone for saying shit like that.

No footballer is worth more than £100,000 per week IMO. Not one.

Man Utd should sell Ronaldo (his ego might just kill him in his sleep before to long), Chelsea should sell Lampard (fat frank wants to play til he is 35, bad idea) and Arsenal should sell Adebayor (30mil, what a joke, still needs 5 chances b4 scoring)

I am an unbiased Liverpool fan btw, so sorry GK I dont like you now lol

S said...

I do think that they get paid too much..when you think about it?! They kick a ball around..score a few *woo hoo*. Then you have doctors, firemen etc - people saving lives who don't get paid as much! Kinda makes me angry. But i cant diss Ronaldo.. love him!

bafic said...

@s its not jus about kicking a ball so much fitness and effort goes into i think players get payed to much i think lampard should not get �133,000 maybe monthly but not weekly.

Ginger Kid said...

Yeah I mean comparing footballers wages to any other job is silly, because it will just make you angry.

You have to look at it from the other perspective.

Ginger Kid said...

anyone up for a ATCN fantasy football league. I predict Dels and Biz to fight it out at the bottom.


Ginger Kid said...

anyone up for a ATCN fantasy football league. I predict Dels and Biz to fight it out at the bottom.


Booga said...

I agree with Dels. As an athlete, I have the upmost respect for the amount of training and dedication it takes to be amateur, let alone pro. I don't know about the nuances, here. I know there is a lof of b.s. going on here in the states with baseball- how they purposely recruit Dominican players because they accept less pay, and deportation can be threatened at any moment... I don't know the background and innerworkings of the English soccer players though, so maybe I shouldn't say one way or another. (of course I will anyway). I bet they are justified in their complaints.

bafic said...

Ginger Kid that would be funny bizzi and dels support the glory arsenal they wont be bottom 08-09 going to be are season!!

NO-BIZZI said...

lets see if good old JT doesn't "slip" at the penalty spot this season


The Almanac said...

lol @ biz. Served that fool right. i hate the way JT walks around like he is Mr football. worse thing is, he is not that great.

i don't think footballers are overpaid at all...

they are a few talented people that can do what they do, in any industry those few at the top get paid the mega bucks...

if a player is paid 100 grand a week, believe that the club is going to make their money back... just look at the books of the clubs that these kinda wages. You dont see anyone on 100 grand at derby!!!!

Sepp Blatter is a twat. full stop. The 'slave' comment was stupid, but he knew what he was doing. Watch for Platini though, he is the next blatter in the making, he wants football to be non-contact.

Ginger Kid, if you did a fantasy league, arsenal would be at the top end of the table!!!!

Elijah said...

Adebayor. Please go! Please! We cab get two better players with the money!

Greg said...

all of the above