over fusion?

With Nike taking a new shoe (every other week it feels) through its 'fusion' process im standing up to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

I love the dunk but can barely stand the presto, so when i saw the ' Dunkesto' i wanted to spoon out my eyes with a plastic spork.

I love the air force one, I live for the Jordan three but this...too far!
The colour way works but can we please just leave the classics alone!!???

Overreact? Me?!!??

Sink or swim?

Props: Kicks on fire



whateveryouwantittosay said...

these are floating, i'd say. i wouldn't shell out $ for them, but if I were given them, I'd wear them sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I live for jordans 3,4 and 5. but there seems to be a real lack of colour ways in the UK.

All i see is fusion, where can I get more jordans?


Anonymous said...

@anon try pickyourshoes.com

Luke GK said...

They are shit.

You weren't over-reacting.

Crime against Trainers.

Unknown said...


NO-BIZZI said...

Best place for jordans?

Online crooked tounges (although they are a little pricey)

Super deluxe just off brick lane still have a few re issues you may have missed from the last few years...


Supra in portabello maaaay have a few bits but apart from that?


id say abroad as thats mainly where i cop mine from these days!

Anonymous said...


bit of a sad state of affairs when some of the dopest trainers ever are not available in the UK, especially LONDON!

Anonymous said...

sink to the depths, these are shockin'!!

Solve said...

See them just made me appreciate my III's a little bit more! Not a good look at all...

Mali Marls said...

Death to the Fusions