It has been exactly a week since the launch of Trading Places (which was sick!). I had a feeling that I was instore for a strange one that night. I could just feel it in my stomach. It wasn't anything to do with being nervous before my performance, or the cheap–arse dessert that my girlfriend shoved down my throat... something was just, different.

Surprisingly, the night started off pretty normally. I could actually feel my face at this point (below) and was enjoying the tunes Biz & Acyde were playing...

I had to leave Trading Places early to play a show at Nuke Them All in Elephant & Castle, London. When I arrived at the gig I thought my agent had set me up. lol. It wasn't what I expected! People were dressed up as Clowns (whom I hate), Colgate, spoons and Mc Donalds Fries! Women were happily walking around topless and nobody gave a fuck. I was thinking "these people are going to hate my set!" I thought about escaping – but I couldn't back down! Apparently the motto was 'anything goes'.... I had NEVER witnessed anything like it!

Huh?...is that Adele?

A friend described this lady (below) as "body like baywatch, face like crime watch!"

WTF? Is dude supporting Hitler? (below)

I then rocked the mic...

... and could no longer feel my face.

I wonder what awaits me at my next show? :/


Photo props: takemypictureplease


Anonymous said...


That is some crazy shit dels.

Anonymous said...

WOAH. that looks like a weirrrd night?! LOL. whats with the clown outfits??? eccentric. No homo.

everyone looked like they tried too hard to stand out tho... but i guess thats the nature of the night!

you need to have words with your agent dels! hahahaha...


Big post!

Josephine said...

the swastika is actually an ancient symbol of peace, check wikipedia or something for the background...

dunno if he's wearing it cos of that though...he's probably trying to 'prove a point' or some shit.

Anonymous said...

you and Specks are my favourite ATCN characters...

big up!



Anonymous said...


nah, that aint NU RAVE trash!

thats just some fucked up nightmare!

well done for not backing out of the gig when you got there!

yeahisaidit said...

i'd like to think i'm fairly open-minded but I would have run a mile from this.

It's like a Clockwork Orange, but worse because it's real.

You deserve some sort of bravery award Dels.

ps. nice tits

NO-BIZZI said...

Big post!

Next time im coming dressed as uncle fester

SPECKS said...

after these pictures, whatever awaits you at the next show... give me the heads up, i wanna be there.

that night looks like a camera pervs dream.

Anonymous said...

"Body like Baywatch, face like Crimewatch"... Such a classic (kinda like "Nice from far but far from nice") that shit cracks me up...!!

Still, I'd do her. I just wouldn't tell any of you I did that's all!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Specks.."camera pervs dream"

Josephine said...

dreamboat body, shipwrecked face

from classic sitcom 'a different world' =)

yeahisaidit said...

does that woman under the pic of swastika-kid have a slighlty, er soiled lady garden area of her trousers?

there goes my sunday roast.

Anonymous said...

amazing post. the imagery really makes you feel like you're there!

i want to come to one of your shows.
can i??? im guessing there wont be any fries walking around tho?

when and where is the next one?

write me back cute lips!


i love you atcn peeps. i like how you actually communicate with ur readers... i feel at home here.

Booga said...

By the looks of things swastika boy is just into the whole goth thing. "Torture me. Life is torture anyway." Or some shit. He looks kinda douchebaggy like that, not like he's trying to reappopriate it as a symbol of peace.
@ Josephine- that show was the joint!

Anonymous said...


DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

@biz... uncle fester! lol

@yeahisaidit... bravery award? lol
and i noticed that girls tights were soiled! she was lying on a couch with her legs wide open! yuck.

@specks... ur welcome whenever!
bring the lenses.

@josephine... different world quote, classic!

@anon... ur welcome to come to my show. next one is a Myspace event at Truman Brewery, Brick Lane on 20th July! Cute lips?... ERM. LOL.

yeahisaidit said...

@dels. sharon stone meets the texas chainsaw massacre. yuck!

still, i wanna come to the next one too.

Anonymous said...

Big up dels Big!!!

I love you guys...we need more pics of the tribe!

Anonymous said...


delboy your killin em!