Move Quick

Digital Gravel is a really nice online store that I've used many times before.With great selections of obey, the hundreds, upper playground and mishka [to name a few]... and a really nice art and housewares section get over there NOW. They are having the sickest summer sale with reductions increasing everyday. Don't sleep on it though as things will sell out quick. Today its 30% off, tomorrow its 40% and then friday, saturday and sunday the big 50.

Don't say we don't look after you guys... discount codes appear on the homepage. Enjoy.

click here... SHOP, SHOP, SHOP



One said...

Yeah ive used Digital Gravel a few times, dope online store,Im goin to get on the offers now!!

Anonymous said...

bigggg looking out sis.

you know im on this hard now. Mishka is doing a lot too.

dont watch the power of the pound in a US store with 30% plus discounts...boyyyy.

Anonymous said...

specks you are now god in my eyes.

at least somebody is looking out for the council estate in us on here. make money and grab a bargain.

you all know the drill.

the hundreds hats are killing it, gonna cop a few.

Anonymous said...
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One said...

Or just possibly stuff their into!!lol

Gotta love the total random Anon posts!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how the customs prices work?? Does it depend on how much stuff you buy? I'ma a newbie to international orders lol

Thanks for the heads up

SPECKS said...

It does depend on how much stuff you buy and if the store you are buying from declare the actual price or not. Lots of stores declare a much cheaper price.

But... I'm not entirely sure about specific custom prices. I just figure even if a little extra gets added on it still works out pretty damn cheap.

what have you peeped? there is some nice stuff right!

Thecool said...

Thanks for the breakdown Specks, yeah was looking at the hundreds stuff, but my size has been well and truly pillaged!!!

I might order something though if I can get my size, I love the site!

Anon no more lol

tel said...

die anon die

can we low the random un needed haters

we love atcn

let them do them and if its not for you...

read styleslut LOL