Monkey Olympics

I actually think during my less than successful half a year pitching TV shows inside the BBC at one point in a Patridge voice tried to get them to make Monkey Olympics. Apparently there is such a thing as animal rights - means nothing to me I'm rocking a pair of suede trainers eating a burger.

This is probably the closest thing we'll ever get - great ad probably doesn't make me want to watch the Olympics more than I did already but it's pretty slick and the beat is kinda nice.

Thoughts? Sink or Swim Tribers?

oh and if you want to see some cool making of stuff check here


Anonymous said...
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I don't mind hating but you crossed the line and so you got deleted. simple things if you don't like the blog don't read it. If you are looking for such specific content go elsewhere.

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DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

Monkey Magic! I used to love that show! The animation look dooooope. wish i wouldve saw the Opera now!

Luke GK said...

Big Post! Made me laugh.

Animals should be made to compete and work more often, animals love it, it isnt cruel, plus it entertains us humans.

Anonymous said...

Big postage

Anonymous said...

that's the same artist as gorrilaz innit. damon albarn wrote a musical based on monkey innit.

just dropping some knowledge.