For me, previous seasons of BBC and Ice Cream have disappointed but there are a few pieces this time I may just have to shell out for.

Some of the new footwear is proper and I'm not too offended by the denim either. Check out the look book and see for yourselves.

See season 7 here

Sink or swim?

Props: BBC



illsun said...

is there more than one page turn?

Booga said...

I dig it like a shovel. I really like the page layout, (turning the pages was quite entertaining for me, but then again I'm at work sooo...). But, yeah, some standout pieces for me, were the black anarack with the white silkscreene bowtie, the black cardigan with white trim, and the fuschia sweatshirt with the parachuting martini glass (para-tini?). Oh, and the girl on the rocket (white sweatshirt). I still can't get into the fox-crotch pants. He should burn those. @ illsun, yeah, click, and drag- there's a lot.

Anonymous said...

stuff looks alright still...