Leon, Funny Guy!

As a comedian sometimes you have to watch other comedians at work, performing their craft whether it be on a TV sitcom or live on stage doing stand-up, and once in a while, on a rare occasion you are blown away, and can't help kicking yourself because you didn't think of it first and also laughing so much a little bit of sex wee comes out. I'm sure this happens in all fields of work, particularly creative ones. This has happened to me a good few times, the most recent was when I was beginning to write a sitcom script just before 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' season 6 started, and I discovered my favourite supporting sitcom character of all-time... Leon. The way he bounces off Larry David is genius, and so natural. It made me want to give up forever, because it would be near impossible to top this. But then I had a gig the next week and made a room full of people laugh so much a bit of...yeah.

Larry David I salute you. You continue to inspire me.Watch this video,
Leon's Best Bits 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

I also came to the conclusion recently, that every good sitcom needs a great supporting cast of funny and interesting characters, The Office (yup), Curb Your Enthusiasm (yup), Peep Show (yup). The three best sitcom's ever made, PERIOD.

Ginger Kid


Ms. Understood said...

you are a comedian gk? that's my field...

Anonymous said...

'you got long-ass balls larry'

'mopy dick'

'get in that ass, and leave it open, so he know u been there'

'topsy-turvey that motherfucker'

'barack obama bitch!'


Anonymous said...

yeah go on ginger kid u write that sitcom u have my backing and thats all you fucking need these days i hear

i take it i have a part yeah good boy

Anonymous said...

curb is the best sitcom evar! get in that ass larry!!

Luke GK said...

@ Yeahisaidit - Yeah I am a stand-up comedian, is that ure field? What do u do. You get more mysterious every day. Hmmmm...

And I like the quotes. LOL.

Leon is the man!

Ms. Understood said...

@GK put it this way- one of the shows i work on is peep show.

are you going to edinburgh?

Anonymous said...


Ginger ind, can i have a part-i am an aspiring acress LOL

it's mostly improv right?

Luke GK said...

@Yeahisaidit - Peep show is amazing. I love it. You need to reveal ureself so I can network with u. And eyah I'm up in Edinburgh for a few days August 17th-20th. Doing like 7 gigs in a three day period.
You gonna be at the Trading places on sat?

Luke GK said...

PS. Topsy-Turvery that Mother-Fucker.

Unknown said...

@ Ginger Kid

where are you playing on the 19th? I'm there for one day only to watch some Mamet at the Pleasance.

Ms. Understood said...

rubbish- i'm only there the last weekend. I am there 21st-24th.

You got any warm-ups planned for before you go?

yup, i'm there on saturday. We're still going starkers right?

Luke GK said...

@ Illsun - I have two gigs booked on the 19th. But I will probably do one more in the afternoon. Will get in touch nearer the time, would be cool if u could make it!

'Grassmarket Pub - 7:30pm'

'The late show at the Meadow bar - 11:30pm'

@yeahisaidit - I had two gigs last week, and I'm playing a gay festival in Cambridge 2nd August. Literally a gay festival, should be interesting.

And yeah I'm still going naked. LOL.

Ms. Understood said...

well i should definitely check you out. It's like my job.

Email me the gig details of when you are in edinburgh and i'll have someone from my camp come and take a peek.




Anonymous said...

Amazing. Leon is soooo funny!

MistaJam said...

Does anyone else feel like they may have just potentially witnessed the embryonic conversations that could spark the next big comedy hit?

Luke GK said...


Nice one.

MistaJam said...

Just write a part for a fat black dude and we're even!