Jigga x Yeezy

I'm not happy as I write yet another interesting post and here is why ... Do you remember when Kanye done the UK leg of the 'Glow In The Dark Tour' and Jay came on stage and done a couple of tracks with him at the Manchester show. Yes you do. And do you remember that this never happened at the London gig? Yes you do ... Well Jay played the M.E.N arena in Manchester this week and guess who showed up? ...Kanye.

Now twice in a row? How come Mancunians(big up the readers in Manchester) get to see them on stage together twice? Is it just coinsidence that Yeezy was free that day? Probably. No definetly.

Never the less, I am offended. Mr West and Mr Carter, I expect a letter explaining how sorry you are, and I want it addressed to me and all Londoners.

(or sympathy)

Ginger Kid.

Props: Kool4eva


Anonymous said...

trust me you missed out jay brought ye out to perform three songs then help him out with encore. the energy was incredible. not that i'm rubbing it in or anything ;)

Shenanigan said...

How annoyed was I. When I was kindly invited but could not attend. Then to hear this after!

el.el said...

Definitely agree with Ginger kid on that one. I went to see kanye @ the 02, great performance, but when i heard Jigga appeared at the Manchester gig, I was not best pleased. At first i thought maybe i was being ungrateful as it was a good show & Common was there. But now i know Jigga's appeared twice, i think there should be an explanation!!

Maybe we'll just hav to travel up north for these shows now!!

MistaJam said...

Now come on, this is the kind of thing that usually happens in London - for once (or twice) it happens outside the capital and you're hating? Typical London mans...!

Ginger Kid said...

I'm hating. EVERYTHING should happen in London. LOL.

Now I have never seen Kanye and Jay on stage together and Mancs have seen it twice.

Fucking bullshit.
(yes I am still angry)

Anonymous said...


Ginger kid is pissed.

Kish said...

LOL I'm with Jam on this one.
Anyways London got something better a couple years back when Jigga performed at the Royal Albert Hall and then Nas came out. That was crazy!!!!

One said...

Yeah Im with Jam and Kish too, originally being from Newcastle, you hardly got to see anyone Hip Hop Acts come anywhere near there!! so it's always good when somehere other than London gets something extra!!

I caught Jay Z and Nas at Royal Albert Hall too which was dope, the best one was at Jazz Cafe a few years back when I went to see Kweli, it was only billed as it being him, he came on did a couple of tracks, then out of the crowd came Mos Def, the crowd went mental!! Great Night!!

Anonymous said...

the show in manchester was fantastic!!! you guys sooo missed out!! and wiley showed up the atmosphere was mental!!

yeahisaidit said...

where's Manchester?

Ginger Kid said...

I think its somewhere just above North London. Who knows?

MistaJam said...

I know you're joking Ginger Kid but I do know people from London who know nothing north of Enfield. There's a world outside the M25 and it's not as grim as some would have you believe.

Jay knows...

MistaJam said...

After all's said and done, I do feel your pain though Ginger Kid.

Check this blog I wrote in 2006

Ginger Kid said...

Safe Mistajam.

LOL @ 'Jay Knows...'

Obviously I was joking, and yeah I know people that think like that aswell, also to think we take the piss out of Americans that know nothing of any other culture in the world, sometimes I think us Londoners are just as bad!!

Oh and I have calmed down a bit now people, it's ok. I have come to terms with Jigga and Ye's strange love of Manchester.

checked the blog aswell Mistajam, was a good read ;)

Anonymous said...

ginger kid...forget LDN...why wasnt Jay Z at Notts?????!!!! haha

EVERYTHING happens in London...let us midlanders get a piece of the pie!

but seriously...I wish i was at that gig!!


brazen said...

unlucky! I was at both! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaw

It was fantastic!!! Well worth standing outside the MEN from 12:30 to ensure I got to the very front! I HATE GENERAL ADMISSION!!!

I'm glad the North is getting suprise guests. It's about bloody time!

Mark Ronson brought out Rhymefest and Wiley as well as several other guest singers/rappers.

Kanye also gave everyone in the arena a free Louis Vuitton backpack!!! Score

Anonymous said...

Standing outside the men?



brazen said...

ps only hardcore fans will know that Jigga was actually born in Manchester. His Dad was working overseas, based in a factory in Salford for 5mths. Then he flew lil Jigga man back to NYC.


Anonymous said...

its good to see sumwhere other than london get shown a little love

midlands stand up!

MistaJam said...

That's nothing Ginger Kid... I meant to post the link to this blog!

Anonymous said...

London is not England.