Illie in the mind, really with the nine, millie when I rhyme

I must say I like it, bearing in mind its about/leading towards his next video "get money". Whats your thoughts folks?



brazen said...

I like the track. I LOVE THE ALBUM. The video is so so.

Jay-Z the best rapper alive, Weezy is next in line.

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

Love the track...

video is poor. i always imagined this track to be animated for some reason???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like it, very catchy. I first heard it when I saw this vid


loved it!

NO-BIZZI said...

Naaaa the video is illlll!

Its a set up video so i guess its not trying to be too glossy but the fact he is so big he can have a video that is him quite literally walking and have US watch from top to bottom and discuss it means he has the "wtf is he gonna do next" factor AND you dont get that from a glossy perfomance video!

Best bit...the photo with the little girl


Mistry said...

is it me or is lil wayne a hobbit?

seriously....i dig lil wayne, love the album and this track is BIG...but didnt even have to bend low to take the picture with the lil girl. has anyone seen him and can tell im wrong?
the bodygaurd and his make-up artist tower over everyone not only him but Weezy is teenie - weenie