He is a nice guy really...

His name is the wind.
Clever advert for natural energy




yeahisaidit said...

Clever way of telling an old message a new way. Is he wearing chest padding?

Though as a girl who wears skirts and has a tempremental head of hair, the wind has long remained an enemy to me.

Next time the wind blows to expose my underwear, I will think of this advert and just smile. NOT!!

Anonymous said...

How late are you Biz, LOL

Brilliant advert though.

Anonymous said...

Like you said its a brilliant advert...why does it matter when it was made?

have a word with yourself mate

jo said...

what a plonker!

we dont all live online and i have never seen that before, so anon!

get a life

Anonymous said...

LOL, I thought it was very clever and funny-didn't get it @ 1st, but wen the penny finally dropped, thought it was brilliant!

PS some people take this way too seriously with all the reprimanding-gosh! Liven up guys

SPECKS said...

wow, i loved it!

especially when he started to tickle the newspaper at the end. hahaaa.

very clever and very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Great post

Seriously, you guys are the best blog.

Great daily read!

Blunt Wun said...

That was a perfect example of thinking outside the box..

If I didn't know he was representing wind couldve bn confusing maybe.

Nice one

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...


@ anon, does it matter that its an old advert? A good concept will always remain great... timeless.

Anonymous said...

Really good!

Anonymous said...

Bad man a bad man - skeen my yout'?