GZA leak

OK so 50 Cent and GZA's beef isn't new, they have been going back and forth with insults for a month or two. But as GZA's new solo album reaches it's release, a 50 diss has been leaked.

Nice move, very original.

Respect where it's due, GZA is a legend, and is just trying to sell records by going at 50, also it's about time Curtis got a taste of a pre-album diss track, he like's to dish them out, as I'm sure he will again come album No.4.
Anywaaaaays back to the track, I liked the swipe at 50's GQ shoot. Who remembers that cover?

"Have you ever been stung by a thousand hornets?
500 killer bee's buzzing, really you still on it?"


I dont think he is.

GZA went hard on this diss. 50 seems to shy away from any beef with MC's that have quality, I bet he will slowly step away from this one. Keep your eye's peeled could get interesting.


Ginger Kid

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Anonymous said...

GZA will eat 50 alive!!

Ginger Kid said...




Ginger Kid said...
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gza will murk fif', he better fall back!

sick post ginger kid.

Anonymous said...


what a diss track. 50 bow down and kiss the ring.

clav said...

I concur that GZA's a better rapper but please. Homeboy's worth 400 mill. Let me say that again. 400. Million. Dollars.

Kiss the ring? I doubt it. If I were 50 I certainly wouldn't!

Ginger Kid said...

LOL. True Clav.

But in current exchange rates, 400 Million dollars is like, what ...a tenner?

clav said...
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Anonymous said...

:pedant mode on: Ginger Kid, I'll think you'll find at the time of my posting the current exchange rate means that 50's purported $400 million net worth translates into approximately £199,635,601. And 4 pence. :pedant mode off:

clav said...

@ pedant - "And 4 pence" Hahahahaaaa... Classic! Something just dawned on me - if all 50 did was to leave his money in a normal high interest bank account in the UK his annual interest (at around say, 7%) would be like what, almost £14 million.

That's serious money for doing nothing!

Magdi said...

You know on the Lupe track dumb it down... "rumour has it" 50 was supposed to be on a track with Lupe, but when Lu dropped his verse, 50 said something along the lines of "yo man, you need to dumb it down, i cant be on a track like this....." and then DUMB IT DOWN was born.....

THANK GOD FOR THAT TRACK!!! What a lyrical genius.....

LUPE > GZA > 50

Ginger Kid said...

Nice bit of knowledge there Magdi.


Such a good track.