Guitar Hero Overkill

As a 19-year-old guy, I'm obviously a fan of video games. But all of you trendy ATCN reader's may frown on the fact that yesterday I went without sleep and played Guitar Hero so hard last night that I am struggling to type this rather interesting post.

My little bro decided to join me, he murked me in actual fact, he has SKILLS. And showed less fatigue than me.

But the point of this kinda random post is:

When can you have too much video gaming pleasure?

Is it when your eyes start to go slightly red and hurt when you close them (or you can't close them, that's even worse, dry eyes innit.)?

Or is it when like me you struggle to have a facebook conversation because it hurts so much to type?

Whatever your answer is, the main answer to this post is Ginger Kid is a GEEK ... And what?

*NOTE - Also don't try Jimi Hendrix style moves on Guitar Hero ie. Playing the plastic guitar with your teeth/mouth area, it could end in a chipped tooth. Didn't happen to me, just saying, stay safe kids.

Ginger Kid


Booga said...

I love video games, but don't have a system because I end up doing essentially that (playing it through all hours of the day and night). I thought about getting guitar hero, et al, but then I realized that my real guitar and bass only collected dust. These days I only play video games when I go to Dave and Busters, really. (It's like an arcade/restaurant/bar for adults at night).

Anonymous said...

haha ur ginger!! now thats unfortunate

Anonymous said...


Errr yeah. Its all about video games and geekiness man. Embrass it.

PS. Ure brother was going hard on guitar hero there, I respect that dedication.


illsun said...

My housemate Mark blacked out from playing Ocarina of Time on the N64 for 42 hrs straight.

He also has a SNES controller with a full set of teeth marks in it from getting to the end of Street Fighter 2 without taking a hit and then get a weak punch in the last round - aaarrrggghh (apparently you got a special ending)


kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

-h3 launch day..
-24 hrs with the M.C helmet sitting next to me..
-wearing a h3 tee

Say Something..

Anonymous said...

I like Ginger Kid alot.

The Almanac said...

nothing wrong with it at all...

not even gonna talk about how much time i spend online playing COD4

Ginger Kid said...

almanac, give me ure gamertag and i will murk u on COD4.


NO-BIZZI said...

Fifa was my weakness...

I have been to work with no sleep as i have just had to finish the cup competition...

If you start a season on pro evo or Fifa you have no one to blame but your self!


The Almanac said...


lets see who will do the murking!!!! lol.....