Fleet Foxes

I am sometimes very guilty of not paying attention to good advice and two very good friends put me on to this band an age ago and I had a couple of tracks but never managed to get round to paying attention. Then the marvels of shuffle on my ipod brought up White Winter Hymnal and I had to stop what I was doing to check who it was.

The Fleet Foxes are a US band signed to seminal indie label Subpop. I know it's not normal ATCN fare but the vocal arrangement and video make it something very special indeed.

Fleet Foxes got Next?

Sink or Swim Tribers?

big shout to H Bomb and Jillatron on this one - the original Dog on Wheels.



Ginger Kid said...

I like it. Never even heard of them.

I would say its like Beach Boys meets the Guillemots. Only not as good.

But still, very good.

NO-BIZZI said...

Really like it...

And like g.k the harmony's are maaaad beach boys.

Also worth downloading "Listening man" by the bees if you like this

SPECKS said...

cavil at rest... a young band who are also fusing dope beach boy esque harmonies and arrangements with contemporary flare.

i'll hunt out a couple tracks for down load...

big post illsun. there is no usual fare on atcn. everything is game!

you're right though, its not until shuffle hits you, or in this case, your post reminding me of stuff that i actually really love, or simply never knew before.

NO-BIZZI said...

Shuffle can be a gift and a curse!

iv been in illsuns kitchen and some horrors have come on the i pod stereo while its on shuffle!