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As a self diagnosed magazine junkie I've fallen out of love with virtually every glossy periodical that used to hold my attention. I generally buy magazines out of habit, partial addiction and in the vain hope that I might by surprised by a medium that hit it’s peak and has been in decline since the early 90’s. Apart from the occasional fashion shoot, print has been superseded by the 'interweb' for sheer speed, variety and access to an endless stream of information.
‘Paradis’ bucks that trend. It's a magazine for the contemporary man-, which means articles on everything from art auctions, the joys of smoking to the debacle surrounding the unfinished ‘new’ Guns N Roses L.P.

It’s the photography that really kills it- fetishstic shots of everything from luggage to cars, pistols( I kid you not), fashion, interiors and lots of naked women- all done with a certain panache that only the French can muster. It’s only published twice a year and virtually impossible to track down at the newsstands (try art bookshops or pester Borders till they call the police) but it’s definitely worth the search.
One of my friends described it as a magazine for ‘posh perverts’. I would agree except I’m not that ‘Posh’
Bizzi are you really sure you want me up in this piece?


illsun said...

welcome on board

definitely gonna have a look for this although I doubt my local paper shop stocks this one

NO-BIZZI said...



Phoebe said...

Ah, Paradis. This is the mag that has supermodels posing in the buff, right?

Harder to find than Nuts, FHM et al but worth it, I'm sure!

(When did I start sounding like such an old pervert?)

NO-BIZZI said...

You always have done love!