Dizzee Done Did It!

After three gold albums on XL Recordings people thought Dizzee was mad to not sign a fat deal with one of the other majors clawing at him. Dirtee Stank has always been his imprint and became his label when he decided to go it alone as an independent.

With this in mind, yesterday became one of the sweetest moments I have ever had on my job and that was announcing Dizzee Rascal's "Dance Wiv Me" as the number one record in the UK national charts.

The question is: Is this it? Has Diz set the blueprint?

By going it alone he has achieved what no other solo MC from the UK has ever done and that is hit the top spot and more importantly on his own terms.

So what happens now? Should every up and coming MC go the indie route or is this a one off with a really good pop record?




Ginger Kid said...

I think your right, it's a GREAT pop record, and UK MC's shouldnt all think indie is best purely because Diz got a No.1 on his own label. This is as of now A ONE OFF.

Can I say if your an MC reading this, stop saying you have a record label when essentially all your label is is a myspace. Your unsigned, stop reaching.

NO-BIZZI said...



Be real though, do you not think it can happen again?

Anonymous said...

Stop Reaching?? What exactly is tht supposed to mean?

One said...

Yeah it's a great pop record and thats why it's made it, and yeah I do think it can happen again. British Hip Hop, grime, whatever.... artists will never be handled correctly by the majors until people who understand the music are at the top of those labels and is that ever going to happen? but also the whole single/album chart game has changed, do you necessarily need to be on a major to hit it big now? I take GK's point that a myspace page isn't your own label by anymeans, but if you can create a buzz with a hot track then you don't need the big boys.

I was just having a look at the singles chart this morning on the way to work and although it doesnt create the attention it used to get currently the chart has I think 7 out of the top 10 that are hip hop, rnb,etc and it is ususally like that now, it's goin' from strength to strength and more UK artists are gettin' their shine now, the next step is consistently bringin' out hot albums to go with the single!!

NO-BIZZI said...

The change in the chart is crazy fam!
Downloads have really opened the door to so many artists and i think the chart reflects a records real popularity as songs do hang around for much longer now

illsun said...

I'm with Anon to a certain degree - my advice never stop reaching you have to have some swagger as no one will take you seriously.

As for the Dizzee thing ... it is no way the model because it is virtually unrepeatable. He had ridiculous street heat before XL knew about him, grinded for 6 years produced 3 solid albums and toured the world playing festivals and being 100% Dizz all the way. You find me another MC that has that level of talent, confidence, business sense, work ethic and yep they can do it independently.

In my mind it is a one off as the stars aligned for him.

Will the UK have more success - hell yer - I think Tinchy may have a top 20 on his hands but will there be another artists sell 50,000 on an independent single in a week this year - nope

lecture over...

One said...

See what your sayin' illsun but do you not think that UK artists have now caught onto what a lot of US guys have been doin' for years. That used to wind me up about the UK artists would sell their sole to a major get messed about, markerted wrong, be earning no money what so ever, but the US guys set up their own labels/production companies, make sure they write, produce and own their masters so the major doesnt make all the money. What always makes me laugh is that people who dont understand hip hop think that these are just dumb guys from the street but in reality a lot of them caught on early on how to make money out of the game and I think the UK guys are now catching on, they put the grind in and people take notice but they get in a strong position where they can do it on their own terms and they don't have to rely on a "Simon Cowell" to promise them the world and really all he's going to do is take you to the cleaners!

illsun said...

The gap between the UK artists and the US ones is vast.


but in the overall package.

what kills the UK is poor management and vision; some of that is the labels but the artists are to blame as well. I can name you 10 artists that should be world beaters but won't be because the people that surround them are chumps and they spend too long over feeling themselves and not enough time grafting.

A killer song will get you so far but the machine needs to be right. Ask Dizzee he'll tell you, Estelle will say the same and you know what the Arctic Monkeys and Coldplay will too.

Artists - write the bangers and build a team that has a vision, some business sense and some balls!

jo said...

totally cosign with one.

hopefully with his success he puts his name behind other artists.. that way more uk talent gets the exposure majors arent giving them and he keeps makin money.

MC's are way more enterprising now its about being a brand as much as it is about the music... the takeover has begun.


The song is awful but im proud of dizzee coz no1 can tell me he isnt grime cos HE IS.

It wont be the last but it just has to be consistant thats all...

aint there a celebration of him going number 1 tonight? i was invited aswell but it may be a bit too booshy for jp lol...

Ginger Kid said...

LOL. Sorry if what I was saying came over harsh.

I didnt mean to 'stop reaching' in a way that UK artists should aim small and not go for a big hit or whatever. I meant it as in don't be unrealistic and let myspace drown out the reality. Dont say your a CEO of your own record label, when all you have done is copy and paste a layout code into myspace and write an 'about me'.

And I don't think you need the big labels on you wither, we have seen so many times the majors ruin hip-hop and grime acts. Take Boy Better Know for example, I don't think they will ever be signed to a major, purely because they were smart and don't need it.

I think it's cool that we kinda seeing Grime take a leaf out of the whole indie rock movement, where so many bands got there shine over here in the UK, thats because they were smart got there live show right and toured. Up and coming MC's should put more focus onto their live show, get networking and grow ure fan-base.


Ginger Kid said...

i talk so much shit.

Ginger Kid said...

i talk so much shit.

Anonymous said...

Wise words indeed illsun, wise words indeed...

I totally agree that in Dizzee's case the combination of years of hard work, timing, a good record (and a little luck!) brought it all together for him but in NO way is his success a model for the future. Bear in mind too that he probably wouldn't be at number one without his previous history ie the aforementioned albums and touring etc. Ginger Kid is also right - the best chance ALL acts have (not just grime/urban ones) is to GET OUT THERE AND CONNECT!!!!

The internet is a wonderful thing in that it truly has leveled the playing field between major labels and independent acts but the one thing it will NEVER be able to substitute is live performance - that's where the biggest, longest lasting and most loved names in this industry have always triumphed and that will never change. So, as always, those who are prepared to truly grind will find that they will eventually have the ability make moves without the need of a major label with all the politics that involves. However, if the management don't have the business nous and the vision isn't there to match the talent then... *sigh*

The question I have is - of all the up-and-coming artists out there, how many of them are TRULY in it for the long haul (as opposed to the quick buck)???



brazen said...

appauling video!!!!

Very catchy piece of pop from Dizzee.

I went to see Dizzee in November and quite a few people at my work place didn't have a clue who he was. A couple went on myspace to have a listen to his tracks and slated him.

Rewind a week ago and the same colleagues that bashed his music were the same people that came in and said I've downloaded that new Dizzee Rascal tune, I love it.

Anonymous said...

:pedant mode on: "Appauling video"? Appalling spelling! :pedant mode off:

NO-BIZZI said...


Anonymous said...

i tink dizz33 is a bad man.
low all da haterz.

do ur ting mr. rascalor.

Tronics said...

Dizzee is the exception to the rule.

He has made no blueprint imo.

When he was signed in the first place he wasn't even the undisputed best in Grime. And to think he got signed in the midst of talent such as Wiley (in his prime), D Dounbl E, Kano, Crazy Titch etc etc etc.

The track itself is pants imo but i'm happy for him.

P.S. UK acts aren't on the indie things anyways they'd rather take the cheque from the majors and get a Range Rover Sport rental, sad really.

tel said...


tel said...


Mistry said...

Hooray for Dizzie!