The Carps: Got Next?

It's hard to put The Carps into a musical box, something I don't like doing anyway, so I wont. The Carps hail from Toronto, Canada, and look great in dickie bows, they now spend a lot of time in our very own London. I caught them live in Toronto last year, and lets just say they do a bit of everything, and do it extremely well.

Check them out here.

There is a lot of underground urban talent in Canada, that just isn't getting heard, and so, a similar scenario as with the UK continues to play out. Both industries are dominated by the American model, but when will it be time for non American artists to breakthrough... Correct me if i'm wrong, but it feels like some positive moves are being made in the UK right now... Is real change in the industry around the corner though? I'm not so sure...

You decide. Have The Carps got NEXT?

If you don't think so... who has got NEXT in your opinion, share and share.


Luke GK said...

The Carps are really DOPE.

New York
West Coast
Dirty South

All had there time ...UK next? One day they are going to have to look outside the US shores for something hot.

Dizzee is making moves in the US but attracts a completely different audience to what he does over here. He has the middle class, white audience. One day the US might open their eyes and see that London is REAAAALLLL! We have some of the best music in the world over here, IF NOT THE BEST!


Anonymous said...

I clicked through hoping for a ginger free zone, the above thread is too much. But look who beat me to a comment.

I have to agree though, The Carps are killing it. The heavens gates remix with cool kids is sick.

one to check out for real.

clav said...

GK - it's not what you think at all, Dizzee is seen as somewhat of a novelty but I doubt very much he'll ever be looked at in the same light (as say Weezy) just because he hasn't got the "polish". It's not a US thing, (Rihanna has been given it and she's Bajan for crying out loud!) but until urban cats over here can understand the importance of polish no "real" UK urban act will ever truly break the States. And don't be fooled, the Dirty South south hasn't had it's time yet, it's the only sound that counts right now, trust me!

Obviously the US looks outside of it's own shores fro musical inspiration (er, Timbaland, Danja, L'il Jon et al) but it still needs to fit with their ethos of what works. For example, tempo makes a HUGE difference, US tracks are generally waaay slower than what we're used to and when they ARE quicker they tend to be a lot simpler. My definition of a record with universal appeal is one that "feels" the same no matter what part of the world it's played in.

Interesting aside - I had a meeting at Interscope in LA recently and the subject of Fundmental03 came up in conversation. You know what? They don't like a SINGLE record from ANY of the UK producers so their whole album is getting reproduced... Just goes to show how people hear things differently. The defense rests.

Luke GK said...

Yeah I get you.

But there is a change going on in U.S music, alot of it is more dancey and more UK/European.

Thats down to Timbo right?

Luke GK said...

And possibly kanye aswell.

Ms. Understood said...

i am such an arse- i just read clav's comment to red 'polish' as in from from poland.

je suis un tit.

clav said...

@ GK - Urban music definitely has more of a dancey and UK/Euro feeling to it but the significant thing to note is that it actually NOT Dance or European music, it's their take on it. I would wager that it'll be replaced by something else before too long. Timbo will change his sound then everyone will follow... lol

One other thing that REALLY lets the side down over here is the way records are mixed - I can't even begin to tell you how important that part of the process is; 90% of UK urban music sucks for me because the mixes just simply aren't up to scratch. Compare, if you will, a Wiley record to a Dre record - you might not know specifically what's different between them but you'll certainly know which one sounds better! Now you might say the "raw" sound is better for what Wiley's doing; I'd say Dre's "The Chronic" album alone sold over 6 million copies worldwide (not just in the States) - again, the defence rests.

@ yeahisaidit - that's too funny! lol