So what has your 17th favourite blogger been up to in the last couple of days?


Wednesday, me and an accomplice decided to stock up on our carbohydrates ahead of a day in hyde park moshing, bouncing and what-not. So where better to go than Ed's diner? The cheese chips are the most amazing thing you will taste.

Saw this NME front cover, as usual they jump on a band-wagon and ride it home. NME get off of Jay's dick.

Headed to Hyde Park for Jigggaaaaaa and friends. Needed an ice cream first though.

COOOOOOOOOL KIIIIIDDDDSSSS! Was I the only one on a hype for the Cool Kids? Felt like the crowd was nuff' dry. So SMMHHHH to the kids at the front who knew all the words but just stood there. That's NOT cool.

I'm MICKEY ... I rock right?

Props to Killa Kella, his cameo was dope. His version of 'Everyone Nose' has to be seen.

After Cool Kids, I ventured to see Bizzle, now me and all the people I was with failed to get pictures of Bizzle, due to the fact that we took part in some moshing, and not with skinny indie kids either, NO! BIG GROWN GUYS! And you know Ginger Kid isnt built for them sort of conditions, but never the less, I'm sure I took out a couple of them when POW! came on.

Then this ...

Luckily enough Kano was performing in a tent. So it was good timing. Big up Kano for coming on stage in a poncho.

We bumped into Pro Green who was also taking salvation from the rain. FOURS!

I think there was a leak in the tent. I have come to this conclusion due to the residue on the lense. I have no other evidence.

Hot Chip and MARKY MARK RONSON! Hot Chip smacked it like a new born baby (do doctors still smack new born babies, I have never been a fan of that method.) .

Mark was poor to be honest. Wiley saved the day. Lily was wack, but entertaining. With her blatent lack of knowledge on HER OWN back catalogue.

Marky Mark.

I would hit Lily though ...even with the pink hair. THOUGHTS? *lol

The crowd started to gather.

Then ...


Jay took to the stage started with 'Say Hello', which was appropriate. This gig felt like the lap of honour after him conquering Glastonbury. It was epic.

Note also that I had been standing by the front of the mainstage for a good 5 hours, my knee's where in serious pain. Jay-Z relieved the pain from my struggling knee's for a good hour and a half. Thanks Jigga.

Hovi Finito ...

Ginger Kid


Anonymous said...

Now I know where professor green has been all year, hiding from the rain at festivals.

Big post though.

Anonymous said...

Lily?? - not with yours mate

Elissa said...

i was on a hype for cool kids
i knew the words to most tracks, everyone around me looked at me like i was crazy.

but allow standing there like your waiting for a bus!

kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

^co-sign elissa

oh and i copyrighted these pics G.K, see you in court on monday bitch!

illsun said...

Eds - dude watch your heart in there I felt like i needed to diet after eating in there and I weigh 9 stone!

POW WOW said...

Illsun, Ed's does give heart-attcks. Its fact. Crazy nice though.

And whats with the anon post about lily allen above? Is ginger kid getting hate already?

WOW Nice work G.K. ;)

Ginger Kid said...


dont try claim these. Im gonna put these pics down to TEAMWORK.

See you in court, I'm splitting it 50/50 like wiley did last year.

SPECKS said...

not since the tudors...

you might single handedly bring ginger back.

big post.

NO-BIZZI said...




gary p said...

yeah that was a nice ice cream i had there.

Good on the ice cream vender


Yemi said...

Feeling the post Ginger Kid! Very big indeed!

NayNay said...

i was sooo on a hype 4 the cool kids they were good! i had no clu of tha words but it was still awesome i agree tha crowd was drry tho