Bored of Jay-Z??

I do feel like I have overdosed on the Jigga man but last night at the Wireless he killed it. The show was tight, the band was on fire and the crowd were loving it. It was a joy to see him in full form without the pressures of Glastonbury.

I managed to get by the side of the stage for the Ronson set and I have to say I was underwhelmed by it the highlights for me were Wiley tearing it up with the live band for Wearing my Rolex and Lily Allen forgetting the words to her own song...

As Ronson came off the stage security moved our blagging asses off stage but one man managed to saunter up there during Hova's Set- Big Shout to DJ Semtex

If you want to see the rest of his paparazzi moment cop them here.


NO-BIZZI said...

Big shot Sem!

One thing you left out illsun was Lily spitting right by Riddlers feet...nice

Elissa said...

i love how lily allen tried blaming mark ronson for her messing up.

also Biz i THINK i saw you there
I was throwing up fours everytime the camera went past me.

Ginger Kid said...

It was one of the defining moments in my life. Amazing.

Shout out to bizzle aswell, he rocked the tent like never before.

But yeah i got some fours pics from the wireless festival, i shall post.

And semtex is big dog.

illsun said...

she was spitting at Riddler? You should have told me it would have been arms house - I'm sure I could take her...

NO-BIZZI said...