Behind the Scenes of The Shining

Channel 4 have been the kings of TV branding for the last few years. The adverts where everyone answers a question were really great - although they are beginning to look lame especially now that they include the question in the answers for stupid people. There was also the visually excellent 4 logo ones that appeared out of buildings. I saw this new trail for their Kubrick season last week and it blow me away. I'm a big Shining fan - it's not a perfect film but Jack's performance is so jaw dropping that it made me realise what an actor can do.

What I love is how painstakingly well done it is - if you go to the youtube page there is a long explanation in the side bar about how they did it (and loads of geeks complaining about random stuff)


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really clever

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Booga said...

the first time I saw the shining I lived in this apartment complex with creeking floors and clicking noises (I don't know wtf those were). I couldn't get in a full nights sleep for like a week. Creepy movie, I didn't even finish watching it. Those 70's horror/suspense movies are way scarier than anything out today.