ATCN LOVES...The sunshine

With the sun being out and my first day off in three and a half weeks, i took a trip out of town with my little brother and sisters and broke out the big brother swagger...

After a suitably unhealthy lunch, a trip to see waleeeee, football in the arcade with little bro (great to be back there after so many years, yes street fighter got badded up) and too many sweets, the park beckoned.

I think the minute you get past a certain age your made to forget (due to running around and doing what ever it takes to pay bills) how good something as simple as the park and sunshine combo can be.

So in closing my fellow Tribers...Get to the park, bask in this sun as here in the U.K especially it wont last too long!



Anonymous said...

Wallee is dope!!

what park is that.?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

'the big brother swagger' a classic really.

NO-BIZZI said...



brazen said...

from that pic I imagine your bro to be crazy like russy from run's house. I love that show.

Luke GK said...

Your brother looks like a better version of you.

More compact.

bafic said...

the picture of your bro makes me chuckle!
good on ya biz! for taking care of the siblings.

NO-BIZZI said...

He is better than me in every way...
True stories

Luke GK said...

We love you Biz.

Just love ure brother more.

Don't let it hurt your feelings.

Luke GK said...
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Anonymous said...

Reg your one of the best young celebs right now. Honestly, you dont get enough credit. funny, buff and a cute big bro.

I've been reading this blog for ages but not the comment section, which is really good. didnt realise. anyway i told loads of people at 6th form to read atcn.

Write back


NO-BIZZI said...


well thank you on the atcn praise and as for the celeb thing...not really my bag.

I'm just doing what i love and fortunately enough i get paid for it.

spread the word on atcn as we are growing day by day...its the 4th hustle baby!!!!!

thanks again


Ms. Understood said...

Is it me, or is there is something slightly coercive about Jenni's 'Write back' sign-off? lol

that said, I think I have found a strong contender for Sign-off of the Month(TM)*

Write back.


*ps. nothing will top 'cheers' clav, it's still my favourite and my best

Anonymous said...

Amazing sign off

Write back

Anonymous said...

Write back

NO-BIZZI said...

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