Tattoo Fever

NOW I know I am so hyped because I'm getting that tattoo itch again. Many summers have passed but it's this summer, I'm going under the needle! I love tattoo on men.

The more the merrier I say! But looking closely at The Game's new tatt I wonder when you have gone to far. After covering up a butterfly to LA to red star with LA...Although he has stated his Tatts all have significant meaning. This poor boy is asking for some serious ink poisoning in his decrepit days...


The C Brown and Rhianna tatts. I know old news.
Purely because I think they are quite a cute couple


As for Mr Carter...


I AM MUSIC? On top of your eyebrow. Dude. That doesn't even look good. Yes cry those red inked tears. It's when you need to find the difference between a child's scrawl and art.

I'm thinking... Wayne should just go the whole hog and do it with some style! Like my man here.

Big up yourself!


Used to give me chills now I'm appreciating it's art form...




What are we saying about silicone and tattoo's on the face?

Sink or Swim?



Booga said...

tats on the face? tie an anvil to that one and let it sink straight to the bottom. I love well designed, well executed tats. Honestly, I wouldn't even mind little wayne's "I am music" tat execept for the fact that it's on his effin forehead! My friend has "I like I"- (the name of his 1 person band) tattooed in similar handwriting on his bicep, by it's lonesome, and it looks dope.
Location matters so much. I think sleeves are hot. neckpieces can be too, but if I see another set of stars, a cheesy ass saying, gang related shit, or a set of lips one more time I will vomit.
Stomache tattoos are generally cheesy, but can sometimes be pulled off. Hip tattoos can be hot or just trashy, depending. I love footpieces on women. The inside of the wrists, between the tri and bicep, and the forearms I think are great locations. I love shoulder pieces, and I think the back is fairgame, though I have seen very few entire backpieces that I like.
Has anyone seen "skinning" where they scarify the body by essentially carving the skin away. Looks nasty and painfull as hell, but I did see a bamboo backpiece that was done that way and it was dope. It was red, and somehow, they actually employed shading.
I'll shut up now

Shenanigan said...

yes I have seen skinning before a bit hellraiser for me but hey.

I with you on the stars and gang signs. I love obscure tatts. I mean I have some bait ones but I've got a few tricks up me sleeve. Location is everything!

Also have you seen the silcone implants? Most people get like balls all up the arm.

Actaully I'm going to add it to my post now. I think it can look pretty dope if done in the right way

Good conversing Booga.

Booga said...

the silicone kinda weirds me out. it reminds me of boils or somethings. I can't get down with it, but i like how that one sleeve combined the tats and silicone to make the work "pop". I mean, I dig it for him, but I wouldn't want it, and I think it would be a turn off if I guy I was talking to got that...

NO-BIZZI said...

imagine going on a date and the chick rolling up her sleeves to show huge ass bumps looking like some crazy ass scary bug bites!

nah mate

not for me


Shenanigan said...

the silicone is silly.

It's a bit to Extraterrestrial and just plain nasty, but I bet if Pharrell had it every Bape dazed fool would go and get it!


illsun said...

The silicone images made me feel queasy


Anonymous said...



The Almanac said...

sink for sure.

i think the silicon is one step too far. Actually, maybe two or three steps.

Tattoos, as always, are about where they are and what they say. You only have to look at ms winehouse for a bad tattoo show.....

i agree with booga on the face tattoo situation.

Not good.