Mr Nelson turns 50!

The little man that we all know as Prince or should i say the artist formerly known as Prince turned 50 on Saturday! Where the years have gone I do not know! However with a mountain of classic momentous songs and having influenced a generation I began to think what was my favourite?

Is it The Most Beautiful Girl in the World? What about Raspberry Beret (shoutout to Miss Hernandez on that one, who frequently insists on playing it in our living room whilst dancing wildly!)

Nothing Compares? Little Red Covert? The list is endless i think mine has to be When Doves Cry, it gets me every time!

Heres some pictures of the Purple Perv for your viewing pleasure



clav said...

Here's another even less well known fact - Prince, Madonna and Michael were all born in the same year, within 2 months of each other... Madonna's b-day is on August 16, Michael's is August 29. I think it's fair to say that '58 was indeed a vintage year.

Anonymous said...

In one of the lamest moves of my life I once bought a girl i dated at senior school a cassette tape single(jesus it was a while back)of 'Most Beautiful Girl'.

Yep my game was weak even then

clav said...

Is that why you've posted as anonymous!? ;-p lol

NO-BIZZI said...


Anonymous said...

The girl in purple rain was siiiick

Booga said...

anon-whilst your prince single move is undeniably cheesy, it is also undeniably sweet.
the only thing that woulda been better would be if you dubbed it off the radio, and threw it on a mixed tape with other romantically themed songs.

Anonymous said...