Lykke Li & Estelle Live

Not in the same place at the same time but both Lykke and Estelle rocked London last week:

Lykke at the ICA killed it, highlights of the show were A Little Bit and the encore of ATCQ - Can I Kick it? Which was at varying points amazing and somehow quite embarrasing. Read more about it here.

On the next night Estelle was tearing it down at the Shepherd's Bush Empire - a homecoming gig of mammoth porportions. Highlights were numerous - Kojo's warm up, Smasherelly's interlude, Kardinall Offishall's guest spot and pretty much every moment from the first lady of Homeschool.

I was stuck near the back with a weak ass camera so haven't got any good shots and there is nothing on youtube yet... if you were there get your finger out lets see some snaps/videos people.

Anyone in either venue? any thoughts on the gigs?

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Anonymous said...

Estelle show turned into a rave!