The Love movement...

For a long time i have ignored and minimised the wearing of my AF1's and Dunks.


Not design, not comfort, but HACKNEY!
The kids from this neighboring borough have made every colour way i own look shit and a little bit hood. But not in a sexy Kiesha Cole way, In a "give me your purse and don't scream bitch" way...

That is of course until now.

The images of the Nike releases for the 2008 fall/winter collection have been leaked and my faith has returned.

Sink or Swim?

Props: Sneakers.fr



Anonymous said...

how fuckin upity are you?

Anonymous said...

let down by bizzi snobbery. talk about forgetting the streets that made you.

dope kicks though, lets hope they dont get ruined for you.

MR W said...

wow anon!

anywhoo swim!

Tarns' said...

you know when u experience racism thats so racist all u can do is laugh n say WOW...
...i jus caught that SAME feeling from that "borough- ist" remark, lol, WOW!!

i'll be sure to steer clear from the kicks for ur sake biz! lol

Anonymous said...


samona said...

haha some strong comments gettin thrown about!!

anyways them dunks are frightnen!

bafic said...

What r u tlking bout guys hes ryte i ve seen guys wearing really sick dunks but make u wanna thnk uuurr i cant get them..that guy who followes everyone else with "cool" look isnt actualy cool cool is being your self not following everone else...say lay off it biz is ryte...soory for the rant but hey smeone had to do it.
oh and by the way the dunks are a swim

saa said...

READ THE POST AGAIN MATE, stop being quick 2 suck arse. and check your grammar. he wasn't talking about not wanting to get them cos the hackney kids make em look OH SO "cool" or not wanting to follow fashion, he said:

the kids in hackney makes all his colour ways "look shit and ghetto in a gimme your phone and shut up bitch kinda way".

saa said...

...bafic, jus saw that your 14 n i feel abit bad for goin at ya, so i'll forgive your grammar and you dont really suck arse . now go READ A BOOK or summit!

NO-BIZZI said...


how many people read this blog now boyyyyy!!!!!!!


Oh, and for future reference the streets cant make something that used personal growth to succeed and uppity has two p's you child.

Biz A.K.A Mr uppity

samona said...


Anonymous said...

...you heard it here first folks!

Hackney said...

"Bizzi" thinks he's funny.
your the the shittest rapper..i used to think you were alright playing with white kidz on TV though. You're gonna be the next Trevor McDonald. social climber. Tea with Boris Johnson.YES YOU ARE BETTER THAN THE PEOPLE READING YOUR BLOG. YOU MADE YOURSELF GOD. YOU ARE GOD.GOD BEFORE GOD. YOU ARE GREAT BRITAIN. YOU'RE BETTER THAN 2PAC, BIGGIE, JAY Z NAS.GOD SAVE US

who cares..the real people dont have time to be reading blogs.

us "hackney kids" would rob you easy
also your head looks like a spaceship. you look chi chi.


H.TOWN said...




Anonymous said...

safe in a car?

NO-BIZZI said...

alright alright lets all let the Internet thugs get their kicks by knowing their silliness has been read.


i have seen your message

nice one

now can we all grow up a bit and realise that this is a blog.

After reading a few books and or magazines things like artistic license, humor and lampooning culture are all common place AND EXPECTED in the written word.

It would be easy for me as admin to have your comment deleted but i actually am glad you exist because its messages like yours that make what we are trying to do here at ATCN all the more valid.

This is not RWD forum where we trade insults this is about a group of young people from the city trying to do something positive TOGETHER.

So no i don't hate Hackney,

No i dont drive through east with the windows up...I used to live in Canning town.

And the "real people that dont have time to read blogs" really should stick to their word.

This is the last time here on ATCN i respond to any mud slinging. Im too busy to try and clean up any questions about my character.

I been in the game for way too long.


Anonymous said...

I get wat u mean yea.but even when 2 ppl r wearing the same shoes it could look completely different on them. i bet if some1 like Rihanna wore a pair of dunks it wouldn't look ghetto but if Remy ma put her feet in the same shoes DAMN! dats y i love dunks it enhances that freedom of expression!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Back to the blog at hand...Dunks and AF1s in crazy-arse colourways for summer...swim like an olympic swimmer...much love x

Cath. said...

I think they look a bit like mountain shoes! haha

H-town lady said...

WOW! who knew the blog reached the 'deepest darkest' recesses of east LDN...?

anyway ill say swim for the 1st pair but sink for the second (bit too much beige)

regardless, don't think ill wear either... what with being from hackney n all :(

Anonymous said...

and just to think ive luvved ya' since the smile days?!!!


Internet Thug @ RWD said...

i was just joking ,fuck it.
im glad that you're glad i exist.

perhaps it really was a joke.
just dont believe your own hype.

LOL @ "i've been in the game to long"
i see.
i'm not a real person. im a nobody.

well handled.
BUT please apologise to Hackney....

LDN sweetheart said...

@ you above... i DONT see it happening this millenium! lol.

i can understand what he means with reference to the whole lampooning culture, artistic liscence etc, but theres a hairs breath between that, and an individuals own ignorant and upregious thoughts.

i think what was said in the post was inbetween. JUST.

to be honest, this blog is excellent stuff. it doesnt need that "look at me im SOO shocking and contraversal" element that have come to expect from lesser blogs (no names, "STYLESLUT")

with that said, imma take it with a pinch of salt and move on.
...and both of em can sink, im a high heel gal myself!

Tarns' said...


it was like an itch i had to scratch, sorry.
blame that on biz too! lmao

Sandeep said...

Bizzi, bro, looks like u got urself some haters man. fuck em yo. everyone has haters. These are the people that jerk off in their room to new kicks they cant afford. its true tho to many mans were rocking the dunks so they needed a lil break. aint nothing wrong with voicing your thought as its ur fucking blog son!!

seeing has u know wassup in the kicks game, were can i cop me some supras, those super dupa supras!?

Anonymous said...

I thought you was rocking RL Slippers now?

The Hackney Yout Dem wont be wearing them (they wont let em in ) .. BUT you never know.. they could be the next Prada's :)

Fashion not facsim

Anonymous said...

any one who ends their sentences with "YO" and "SON" and are not from the bronx, or are not even remotely american should be lined up and shot - @ sundeep

Sandeep said...

i cant believe im responding to this but to annon above spell it correctly its sandeep, its not difficult to copy my name, you degenerate. I guess you are one of the many haters who comment on this blog. Is there really any need for you to comment on the way i write in responce to a blog, it s not a doctorate.

Anonymous said...

your right, im sorry supdeep,

...im sorry you act like a bidet.

dita said...

lol @ all the commotion,
feelin the love!...

anyways erm, swim i guess!!, for the 1st pair.

B.E.P featuring Justin Timberlake said...

where is the love?

Anonymous said...

REGGIE you dont deserve an artistic license. you're not an artist!

you're the UK equiivalent of Soulja Bwoyy. Yes i wrote bwoyy instead of Boy/Boi.

i will never forget this. Streetz iz Watchin son!


clav said...

Can't we all just get along?!?! Damn....

@ Sandeep - if you want Supras there's a store over in LA called Active that sell 'em - check them out online though, they should be able to hook them up for ya! I just copped the all white Skytops and they just got some sick camouflage Skytops too!

As for the Dunks, hmmm... They're a swim but I think that depends on who's rockin' them...

albert taylor said...

Pretty Sweet if u ask me....

b said...

forces no
dunks yes.

playa said...

Both a sinnnnk


Agostinho said...

I see what you were trying to say Reg but sometimes saying nothing is better then saying anything, trust.

BTW 'haters' is most over used word in the 'urban' community. Please find another word for someone disaggreeing with what your saying in a some what insltuing way.


Anonymous said...

urgh...you said urban.

Anonymous said...

AG is right! hater is a word commonly used to undermine/escape possibly genuine criticism.
Post stank of, "my fashion is better/more sophisticated than urs".


Anonymous said...

cheers for that grand pa AG or whatever...