It's a wrap?

So it would appear that Barack Obama has officially
clenched the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. He has made history as the first black candidate to represent a major party in a US presidential poll.

It’s now a race for the White House between 46 year old Obama, 71 year old John McCain and a few other lesser parties.

In my opinion it's a blessing however I'm still shouting out my girl Hilary for going further then any woman ever has in a presidential election! Thats GIRL power on a next level!

What are the thoughts people, if indeed Obama wins? Will the war in Iraq end? Will there be equal rights for all folks?

On that note..

"It must be realized that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more uncertain of success, or more dangerous to manage than the establishment of a new order of things; for he who introduces change makes enemies of all those who derived advantage from the old order and finds but lukewarm defenders among those who stand to gain from the new one". Machiavelli



One said...

If he carries out what he's talked about doing then I think he could be really important to the world has a whole.Let's face it global problems are mounting (fuel,food costs,uncertainty over banks,etc) and with what happens in the US having a knock on to everyone else its time for someone to make a significant change.

The war in Iraq is difficult though in a way invading it made it worse and its now a guerilla war and you can't just drop everything and walk away.

playa said...

change is comin

NO-BIZZI said...

Big up one!


Aint like john mccain lke 70 like aint he going to be hmm gone with the wind soon like ?

Im baffled like whats the sensible decision like take away colour like and like be sensible 41 more time to do presedential runnings>>>71 making sure your dentures dont fall out in a conference...comeeee onnnn


Jp :)

P.s This blog is alot by the way i dont usually tell people that so count yourself lucky lol...

clav said...

You don't want Hilary to win. Ever. Trust me.