See there is not much you can say

No excuse needed to big up Estelle... so none will be given.

I wont even start talking about supporting UK music, black music... all that aside lets just say good music, period! Second single off the album Shine, No Substitute Love has been on constant repeat in my car, with the summer reggae vibes i'm attempting to tease the sunshine out. Check Estelle live on Jools Holland.

Birmingham, my fellow speech impeded friends - like what you hear??? Estelle will be playing at the legendary Custard Factory on June 10th. Estelle absolutely kills it live, and with tickets only £12.50, thats a win win for me.

So the big question, can No Substitute Love match the success of of American Boy?



Anonymous said...

hell yeah!

its a banger!!! why wouldnt it do well??

clav said...

Just out of curiousity, where did the album chart? Can't seem to find it online... grrr.

Samantha Jones said...

it will rock the charts!

Anonymous said...

who cares about charts!

she is massive!

dita said...

LOVE estelle,
but love the original [song] more... i just really dont like covers, no matter how good they are...

that said, she'll rock the charts boat with ease.

illsun said...

Magnificent is still my tune from the album but I'll definitely be supporting Sub Love - gonna try and make it to the London gig this week - anyone else on it?

Shenanigan said...

defo gonna show stells support!