Can you see me?

This Telescope may look like something from Disney land Paris but it actually is an artistic landmark created by artist and inventor Paul st george. This hard to miss gem allowed people in London to visually see people in New york and vice versa....in REAL TIME!!

Believe it or not this baby linked the Thames (right by tower bridge) and the Brooklyn bridge. How? we dont know. The website publicizing his device claims that the mechanism works via a very long tunnel running through the earth’s crust with the images bouncing back and forth...riiiiight im saying broadband mate.

It was available till the 15th of june!

Did you go?



queen b said...

WHATTTTTTTT?!!! Why am I only hearing of this now?!!! I'm so pissssssssed!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was via a live video stream wasn't it?I can't beileve it was only for a limited time it should be a permanent landmark it was dope the way it looked like it was breakin out of the ground!

Keebs said...

Yeah I went- there was a half hour queue just for the privilage of looking down it, so I jus looked from the sidelines. There was a whiteboard where you could write messages and press it up against the glass so the people in new york could read it. People were asking really boring stuff like "what is the time over there?" and "what is the weather like?"

kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

I witnessed a half-naked guy running around the place, and getting a bunch of laughs from the new yorkers.

wanted to do the first dance battle there.. but you get 2 mins. max.

Mistry said...

pissed i missed this, was so excited to leave studio and take a walk down the thames this morning.....5days too late!

Anonymous said...